L.A. Is Getting a Big Shipment of Vaccine Doses This Week

»LA County is about to receive the largest vaccine delivery ever. Of the 313,000 dose blocks arriving this week, more than 60% will be devoted to the first dose, increasing the number of residents on the road to vaccination. [KTLA]

»The organizers of the campaign to recall Governor Gavin Newsom claim that they have enough signatures to trigger the recall elections. Of the 2 million signatures they say they have, 1.5 million must be verifiable by the March 17 deadline. [ABC 7]

»UTLA, a union representing LAUSD teachers, has resolved to reject the state’s face-to-face learning program. The group considers the proposal “unsafe” and wants to wait for educators to return to campus until they are vaccinated, the county goes into the red, and the school enacts a safety protocol. [CBS Los Angeles]

»In June, Starbucks baristas refused to serve women who did not wear masks. The mask evader complained by posting the barista’s name and photo online. A stranger in Orange County has launched GoFundMe to raise “chip money” for baristas. And now, an unmasked woman is suing the person who created GoFundMe for “privacy infringement” and defamation. [ABC San Diego]

»The land of Manhattan Beach seized from black landowners in 1924 may be returned to the descendants of their owners. Willa and Charles Bruce ran a beachside resort for blacks when the surrounding beaches were isolated. The Task Force also recommended that the Manhattan Beach City Council issue a formal apology to the Bruce family. [The Guardian]

LAMAG’s top story

»California theme parks can start resuming rides on April 1st Assuming local conditions are met, the park can reopen attractions and rides in just a few weeks

»One year later, the story of life and death outside the courtroom in Kobe is still written Bryant’s legend continues to skyrocket in memory and considerable legal struggle.

»California Parliamentarian Eric Swalwell sues Trump, Giuliani and others in a siege of the Capitol The House of Representatives proceedings allege that the four people who spoke before the riot violated the Ku Klux Klan Act of 1871.

one more

Lea Thompson, Eric Stoltz, Mary Stuart Masterson (Photo courtesy of Paramount Pictures)

“I miss you” is the only John Hughes movie that has fully embraced LA

There is only one John Hughes teen movie set in Los Angeles. Some kind of great, Made its Blu-ray debut at the end of last month with five new movie sets.

It was directed by Howard Deutch, who directed the hit “Pretty in Pink” in 1986. Like me, Pink is another important movie in Chicago, but none of it was actually filmed there. In fact, Molly Ringwald lives on the other side of the Goldline track in South Pasadena and attends John Marshall High School in Los Ferriz.

“We disguised LA,” says Deutch. “All of John’s scripts are actually intended to be in Chicago, so when they’re in LA, it’s not LA’s fault. Some kind of great.. “


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L.A. Is Getting a Big Shipment of Vaccine Doses This Week Source link L.A. Is Getting a Big Shipment of Vaccine Doses This Week

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