L.A. County will no longer require masks indoors, regardless of vax status

UPDATE: After strongly hinting at this, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health on Wednesday officially announced that it will no longer require indoor masks.

As the county moves to a lower level of CDC risk assessment, Angelenos will no longer need to wear masks indoors, regardless of vaccination status (except for public transportation and healthcare facilities where masks are still federally required). ). The new order will take effect on Friday, March 4 (although not in schools until March 11), at which point masks will not be required, but will be highly recommended (unless the business specifically chooses to require masks).

The new public health order will also remove the requirements for testing vaccines in indoor bars, mega outdoor events and theme parks in LA County. However, the policy of the city of Los Angeles for a wider inspection of wax in many closed places still remains in force, although a proposal has been submitted to bring this back.

Our original story from February 23 appears below.

Although California has relinquished its mandate for an indoor mask last week, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health decided to keep its own ordinance in force – and predicts it will remain in place until the end of March. But now LA County has decided to ease some of these rules much sooner than originally expected.

As of Friday, Feb. 25, any indoor business in LA County – including restaurants, bars, offices, movie theaters and gyms – can choose to make masks of choice for fully vaccinated visitors, as long as the place checks door vaccination status.

However, Long Beach and Pasadena, which run their own health departments, will introduce even fewer restrictive orders that are more closely compliant with state rules: As long as businesses allow this, fully vaccinated people are no longer required to wear masks. in most internal settings.

As for the rest of Los Angeles, the new Public Health order, which takes effect Friday at 12:01 a.m., means that most places in Los Angeles can now choose to go without masks. Of course, you can still choose to wear a mask indoors if you wish, and individual companies may still choose to require them. As a quick refresh: In the greater Los Angeles County, indoor bars and mega events are the only places that require a Covid-19 vaccination test, but the city of Los Angeles has a stricter mandate that targets many more restaurants. indoors, including restaurants, theaters, gyms and lounges. On the other hand, unless the local supermarket starts checking the status of the vax on the door, it probably will technically you still have to wear a mask in most outlets until the rest of the mask term is revoked, probably at the end of March.

Superintendent of Los Angeles County Janice Hahn it irritates change first on Tuesday, before Public Health officially announced the new policy on Wednesday.

The new order outlines two main scenarios, one in which vaccinated customers may be left without masks and another in which customers and employees can take off their masks. In both cases, all clients aged five and over must show proof of vaccination. As for unvaccinated individuals, they will need to provide a recent negative PCR or antigen test, but will need to keep their masks on when eating or drinking.

L.A. County will no longer require masks indoors, regardless of vax status Source link L.A. County will no longer require masks indoors, regardless of vax status

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