L.A. County will lift its mask mandate once it meets these metrics

At a time when the vaccinated Angelenos had just felt comfortable walking indoors without masks, they had to put them back on. Just weeks after reopening across the country, mandate for indoor mask is returned in LA County in mid – July, followed by one for mass outdoor events a month later. And, well, here we are in November, with both still in place.

But on Tuesday, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health finally arrived outlines a frame to remove your mask mandates. In short, if Covid-19 cases and county hospitalizations fall to – and may remain – approximately where they were before the Delta variant grew, public health will not require you to wear a mask of mega outdoor events or (if you are vaccinated) in relatively small indoor spaces such as restaurants, shops, gyms and cinemas.

Here is the breakdown…

To repeal the mandate to mask mega outdoor events (these are stadium-sized outings and a festival of more than 10,000 people), LA County must have:

  • Three consecutive weeks at or below the moderate level of CDC transmission, which means less than 50 new weekly cases per 100,000 inhabitants.
  • Three consecutive weeks at or below 600 Covid-19 hospitalizations per day.
  • 80% or more of the county’s residents aged 12 and over are fully vaccinated.

For indoor events and places with less than 1000 people:

  • All the above requirements will have to be met.
  • All employees and customers must be fully vaccinated – and show evidence that this is the case.

Schools, health facilities and public transportation will still retain the mandate for masks under federal requirements, and indoor events with more than 1,000 people will still require masks due to state ordinance.

So where is LA right now? Well, we’re not quite there. The CDC estimates the weekly incidence rate in the county at 80.3 per 100,000 people, and this is increasing slightly. (For reference, the last time the county would clear that threshold of 50 was in early July, at the very beginning of the Delta-powered jump.) Meanwhile, hospitalizations have also risen to 659. And the percentage of fully vaccinated over 12 years is currently 72% of the county (although 80% have received at least one dose).

And of course, even after meeting these metrics, businesses will still depend on whether they choose to require masks or not; just as some requested proof of vaccination even before local government regulationswe are sure that some places may choose to keep their mask requirements.

L.A. County will lift its mask mandate once it meets these metrics Source link L.A. County will lift its mask mandate once it meets these metrics

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