L.A. County continues to report progress in coronavirus fight

Public health officials in Los Angeles County reported on Sunday 408 new cases of coronavirus and five associated deaths.

Not all laboratories report results, so new cases and deaths on weekends are often reduced. Still, the numbers continue to show that the region has so far avoided the variant-driven surge that has plagued several other states, such as Michigan.

Signs of progress have boosted the hope that authorities will be able to vaccinate enough people fast enough to stop a wave of potential new infections.

As of Saturday, there were 407 COVID-19 patients in the county hospital, a decrease of nearly 14% from two weeks ago. At the peak of the virus infection in January, more than 8,000 people were hospitalized in Los Angeles County.

And the percentage of coronavirus tests that have returned positive has been lower than at any time since the start of the pandemic. Saturday’s daily test positive rate was 0.7%. Approximately one-fifth of daily tests in Los Angeles County in early January Returned to positive..

The Los Angeles-operated vaccination site will provide approximately 150,000 first and second doses this week, including 29,000 Johnson & Johnson vaccines held by the City of Los Angeles during a 10-day outage. It’s a schedule.

LA County Officials Provider announced that J & J doses could be resumed Immediately on Saturday after the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Accepted Advisory Board decision that the benefits of fighting Shot’s illness outweighed the risksIncludes reports of rare but potentially fatal blood coagulation disorders.

“To end this pandemic, we need to use all the doses we have. The Johnson & Johnson vaccine is an important part of that strategy,” Mayor Eric Garsetti said in a statement on Sunday. It was.

This week, the city will open a new Century City site for Johnson & Johnson vaccination, increasing the total number of fixed vaccination sites to 10. The municipal vaccination site is open Tuesday to Saturday, but Dodger Stadium will be closed on Wednesday. For dodger games, the city said.

So far, 44.1% of Los Angeles County residents have been vaccinated at least once, and 28.1% have been fully vaccinated. According to the Times Vaccine Tracker..

L.A. County continues to report progress in coronavirus fight Source link L.A. County continues to report progress in coronavirus fight

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