Kyle Richards STUNNED as Sutton Stracke Brushes Off Dorit Kemsley Home Invasion

Last year, Dorit Kemsley survived a painful home attack when his children slept only a few rooms away.

We all knew that the shocking consequences would be masked season 12 / The real housewives of Beverly Hills.

The world did not know that Sutton Stracke was shockingly asympathetic.

In this pre-premiere sneak peek clip, Sutton compares Dorit’s awakening nightmares … to bringing a French designer to his company.

The real housewives of Beverly Hills Season 12 premiere on Wednesday, May 11th.

In the new sneak peek clip, viewers see Kyle Richards looking and crying as he deals with his friend’s ordeals.

Dorit Kemsley could have been beaten or killed. Her children may have been injured or traumatized. It was a very close call.

Sutton Stracke pops up, apparently to elevate Kyle’s mood, after home attackers rob Dorit with a gun.

Standing at Kyle’s door, Sutton jokes, “Oh, it makes me cry!”

Sutton adds, “My allergies are so bad, so I look like I’ve been crying.”

Keeping his shade happy, Sutton announces that he has found biscuits in his car.

At first it seems like she’s trying to reflect a positive, hopeful and even bubbly mood just to bring cheer to Kyle.

However, it is only when the two of them begin to speak that Sutton’s amazing fight against Dorit’s trauma becomes apparent.

As fascinating as Sutton’s biscuits and alleged allergies are, Kyle wants to focus on a subject that weighs down on his soul.

He describes Dorit’s horrific night and points out that their friend “gathered for his life.”

Kyle says he just talked to Dorit’s man, “I was on the phone with PK, who was shouting.”

Hearing Sutton says it, he has also “put out the fires” all day … confusing Kyle.

Unless a literal fire or something worse broke out in his home, it would seem strange to bring it up.

The sickly curious Kyle cautiously asks Sutton what this means.

Sutton explains that he has tried to get some sort of immigration paper work done so he can bring in a designer from France.

This is an important thing for his company, but implementing it is a bit of a headache.

While we’re sure this is a problem … it’s a confusing topic to deal with when such a serious topic is already being discussed.

Visibly shocked, Kyle manages to say “it doesn’t look like a fire.”

“Well, it’s my business and mine,” Sutton replies, “and what I’m trying to do.”

Yeah, but like … ma’am, this is simply not the time.

Kyle admits he “expected” to hear something a little heavier than the bureaucracy from Sutton.

Will the refugee family be helped to escape the war and find emergency housing? Sure. Are you trying to get a designer? No life or death.

But Sutton doubles saying “everything is relative.”

Sutton then says, “I mean, I wasn’t considered threatened with a gun. I’m sorry.”

As if realizing he’s gone too far, Sutton points out it’s been a “weird day,” and it equates it to one of the films.

Yes, Sutton. Imagine now if James Bond would stop in the middle of an action movie to hear his friend’s complaints about customs inspections at his furniture store or anywhere.

“What’s wrong with you?” Kyle asks the confession camera.

“Are you so entangled in yourself that you don’t understand what just happened to our friend?” he demands.

Kyle then mocks Sutton’s strangely self-centered expectations: “Oh yeah, ‘let me hear about your problems.'”

Kyle Richards STUNNED as Sutton Stracke Brushes Off Dorit Kemsley Home Invasion Source link Kyle Richards STUNNED as Sutton Stracke Brushes Off Dorit Kemsley Home Invasion

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