Kyle Long is officially new chief of Vallejo Fire Department – Times-Herald

Kyle Long has officially become the new Vallejo Fire Chief.

Earlier this week, Anne Cardwell’s first official action after being tentatively officially appointed instead of acting mayor was to appoint Vallejo’s interim fire chief Kyle Long as permanent chief. According to Cardwell, that wasn’t a difficult decision.

“Chief Long devoted 18 years of his life to the Vallejo Fire Department, giving this role not only legacy knowledge, but also extraordinary leadership and affection for the community and his staff. This choice is easy and obvious. It was a thing, “Cardwell said in a news release.

Long has been interim chief since April when Darryl Arbtonot announced that he would resign to pursue other promising opportunities available to him. Still, he said he was “ecstatic” when the news that Long was the official chief was noticed earlier this week.

Long told Times Herald on Thursday. “This was the profession I always wanted because I grew up in a family of firefighters and my grandfather and uncle worked at the Richmond Fire Department. When I first started, I didn’t want to be the Fire Department Chief. But as my career progressed and I continued to rise, yes, I became my dream to be a fire chief. “

A few years after graduating from Benicia High in 1998 and attending Napa College, Long joined the Vallejo Fire Department in 2003 as a firefighter paramedic. For 18 years in the department, he was promoted to fire captain and bat captain. In May 2019, he was appointed Deputy Secretary. While working in this rank department, he has been responsible for operations, training, emergency medical services, and fire protection.

Long is currently a member of the Solano County Fire Chiefs Association, the California Fire Chiefs Association, and the International Fire Chiefs Association. He is a board member of Leadership Vallejo. Secretary Long attended Napa Valley University and NCTI and obtained an emergency medical license.

“From day one, I knew this was the line of work I wanted to do,” Long said. “I love this city and I love the people who have been very welcoming since I came here. It’s a very diverse population and we have received a very diverse volume of calls. It’s a very rewarding job because you know you’re helping people in need. “

One of the most important things for Vallejo firefighters was having a new chief inside. Vallejo’s last internal chief was Pagemeier, who was left behind in 2009-2013. Since then, Vallejo has had three external chiefs: Ron Prince, Jack MacArthur and Arbus Knot.

“They all had their own perspectives, but lacked the ability to understand Vallejo’s unique challenges,” said Vallejo firefighter and spokesman Kevin Brown. “I believe Long’s 18 years at the Vallejo Fire Department will help him understand our specific needs that haven’t been with the Fire Chief since 2013.”

The rest of Vallejo’s firefighters also seemed to support the move.

“The Vallejo Firefighters Association congratulates Chief Long on being promoted to Permanent Fire Chief,” said James Borges, President of the Vallejo Firefighters Association. “Chief Long has been a dedicated civil servant to Vallejo citizens for almost 20 years. His recent efforts to restore the Glencove Fire Department have addressed the need to improve firefighting and emergency services appropriate for Vallejo citizens. We are demonstrating his understanding. We are working together to keep the Vallejo community safe and look forward to continuing to work with Chief Long. “

Mr Long said he was looking forward to his new position and was excited about the future, especially with the re-launch of Glen Cove Station. Last week, the Vallejo City Council approved the reopening of the Glen Cove Fire Department, which was closed after Vallejo declared bankruptcy in 2008.

“I was here when they shut it down, and I’m glad I was here when it restarted,” Long said. “My future focus is to continue to build what city officials and city councils believe to be a great division. I’m glad to know that we have their support.”

Kyle Long is officially new chief of Vallejo Fire Department – Times-Herald Source link Kyle Long is officially new chief of Vallejo Fire Department – Times-Herald

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