Kris Jenner Want Grandbabies from Kendall: At Least Freeze Your Eggs!

Very few of us can identify with world-famous supermodels as multimillionaires, but Kendall Jenner has one element Millennial proportionality what his siblings are missing:

She has no children. She is the only Kris Jenner descendant to remain childless.

On this week’s episode Kardashianswe saw Kris trying to change it.

If Kendall isn’t ready to raise a marketable baby, Momager Dearest wants Kendall to freeze his eggs.

Season 1, Episode 7 / KardashiansKris Jenner found himself in an enviable position – as a mediator of bad news.

He was contacted because Vogue wanted a lawsuit against Kim, not Kendallin. It is embarrassing for their mother and leader.

But Kendall handled the news smoothly. The most difficult part came next.

Kris suggested that maybe it’s time for Kendall to think of something else.

What in particular?

Maybe give Kris a grandchild – because Kendall is the only offspring who hasn’t done it.

Kendall began to choke on her drink because all the things her mother could bring up, this was not what she expected.

She is completely happy that she has no children.

Not only is he a working professional and a perfect person on his own, he’s also only 26 – and he could only be 25 when this was filmed.

Kendall explained to the recognition camera that he was fine.

He makes his own choices and finds himself.

Kendall isn’t dedicated to staying childless all his life – or if he is, he won’t say so. He’s just not in a hurry.

Speaking to Kris, Kendall reminded him that it is his life and his body.

If Kris were sincerely pushing here (and made these comments outside the camera), this could be a more serious case where someone needs boundaries.

After all, there are real people who think that their adult children somehow “owe” them grandchildren.

Instead, Kris just pressed playfully because they’re filming, and reality TV really shouldn’t be withheld.

Meanwhile, Kendall told the camera that he is more than happy to continue his life alone.

He was diplomatic enough to object to the point that beating villages in his teens was never part of the plan, otherwise he wouldn’t be the only weird man.

Kris decided to give up what we were going to call an eggfak.

She mentioned that when she was pregnant with Kendall, Kendall’s eggs formed inside her – all before she was born.

It is true. Sperm are constantly born in the testicles, but eggs are present from birth and are never born again – just released.

Kendall already knew this.

While most of us know this by getting a “speech” when we’re five years old, or as we grow up in different biology or health classes, Kendall cited a different source.

TikTok, an algorithmic nightmare app, had apparently reminded him of this recently.

The way Kris had told him this showed Kendall that Kris had also seen the same TikTok video.

Kendall was delighted to have this little insight into her mother’s social media practices.

However, this happened when Kris decided to call the family doctor – because of Kendall’s protests – to get his input.

“If Kendall has a partner and they’re not married, I usually recommend at least freezing the egg,” Dr. A noted.

“It would be a good time to freeze the eggs,” the doctor estimated. “The younger you are, the better the quality.”

Even if this is true, releasing eggs for extraction and freezing is not as simple as producing a sperm sample. It’s not a terrible idea, but … there’s no rush.

Kris Jenner Want Grandbabies from Kendall: At Least Freeze Your Eggs! Source link Kris Jenner Want Grandbabies from Kendall: At Least Freeze Your Eggs!

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