Kingsburg native pushing for more multi-racial characters in books

FRESNO, California (KFSN) – For the past three years, a Kingsburg woman has been pushing for equal representation of multiracial characters in books.

Mikki Hernandez shares her book with children around the world. It is called “Cake mix. Learning to love all your ingredients “.

“It’s a story about a mixed race little girl named Remy who goes to a new school and is bombarded with all these questions about what she looks like,” he said.

Remi is a representation of who Mikki was as a child – a multiracial girl who wants to know her history.

A DNA test shows Mikki’s mom is black and Polish-Jewish. Her father is Mexican, Native American and Spanish.

Cultures he embodies as an actor in Hollywood.

“The beautiful thing I realize is that I do not have to choose,” he said. “I do not need to deny a part of myself.”

In 2019, Mikki was a volunteer reader to a kindergarten student in Los Angeles.

Many of the students came from Latin, a culture that is not often represented in children’s literature.

“It was really difficult to find many books that reflected this population, but also reflected African American children, Native Americans and Middle Easterners,” he said.

Now, he wants to go beyond his narrative of talking about race.

“I think it’s a privilege for people not to have to talk about it,” he said. “I think I want to get to a point where we have science fiction children’s books with kids of color with all the different backgrounds.”

A $ 25,000 grant from I Fund Women helped her publish her book. Now, she is promoting her vision with a second book.

“It will have a mixed character, it includes some time travel and culture,” he said.

Mikki hopes books like hers make it easier for teachers and parents to have conversations with children about race and culture at a young age.

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Kingsburg native pushing for more multi-racial characters in books Source link Kingsburg native pushing for more multi-racial characters in books

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