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Beloved kindness

To the editor

I loved this week’s section on the tenderness of Grunion Gazette’s Long Beach.

It was great to read the entire section of the treatise talking about the kindness people are doing at Long Beach. With all the negativeness of the news, we need to positively remind people that they are basically good.

Consider having a section of kindness once a month or so?

Thank you for brightening my day.

Sharon Westefer

Long sandy beach

Compensation coverage complaint

To the editor

Is the President of the United States arriving in Long Beach, California, and what Grunions have to say about it is a small photo of Air Force One?

The big story seems to be that the symphony begins again. Is there another reporter who might have been able to find the story there?

There are no pictures, citations or explanations. More information may be available the next time the president stops at Long Beach.

Joyce Stacy

Long sandy beach


To the editor

I wanted to take my family to dinner last week, but due to the absurd tax system of the city and state, I have a relatively small discretionary fund. So I decided to read Grunions instead.

Now, look at this on page 2. Anna Kristensen wrote about an important coastal committee that decides to extend the protection of trees.

This is great news (talk about putting a cart in front of a horse), as Parliamentarian (Alan) Lowenthal passed an important bird protection law just a few weeks ago. This is really bad news at the time, but where do the extra birds live?

But now that we are protecting more trees, I’m incredibly relieved to see that the extra birds have a good place to live. I’m convinced that bird leaders are just blinded by this change of direction.

Long live for them.

Mike Davis

Long sandy beach

Kindness, coverage complaint, priorities – Press Telegram Source link Kindness, coverage complaint, priorities – Press Telegram

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