Kim Kardashian: Was She Being Insensitive By Wearing the Dress Marilyn Monroe Made Famous Shortly Before Her Death?

The Met gala is always full of wild fashion phrases, but at this year’s event, Kim Kardashian surpassed her more blatant rivals with a surprisingly restrained look.

At first glance, there was nothing particularly memorable about it Kim’s dress.

He looked great, of course, but he always looks – and by Met Gala standards, the outfit was almost understated.

But when you know the story behind Kim’s latest fashion trend, it’s impossible to ignore one of the boldest Met manifestations in recent memories.

The costume was given to Kim on loan from Orlando Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum, which isn’t actually used to wearing celebrities.

Marilyn Monroe originally wore the dress the night she serenized President John F. Kennedy on her 45th birthday.

It is an iconic moment in the history of American pop culture that has been parodyed and laughed countless times in movies and television.

But as many have pointed out on social media today, the conditions of that iconic moment were more sad than funny.

At the time, Marilyn continued her relationship with both JFK and her brother and Attorney General Robert Kennedy.

Within three months of her presentation, Monroe would have died of an overdose that could have been intentional.

In any case, many of those who were closest to the screen icon have held on to it for a long time Kennedy played a role in his deathindirectly or otherwise.

Her concurrent relationship with two of the world’s most influential men is reportedly demanding tremendous emotional taxation for Marilyn.

It has been rumored for decades that JFK was so confused about Monroe’s passionate performance at the birthday party that he ended his relationship with the actor and encouraged his brother to do the same.

Although these reports have not been confirmed, a new Netflix documentary claims that the RFK was in Los Angeles on the day Marilyn died and contacted her just hours before the overdose.

The details of their conversation are lost in history, but many consider it a subsequent attempt to cover up the circumstances of Monroe’s death – including the strange decision to take his body back home after he died in an ambulance on the way to the hospital. about the actor’s involvement with Kennedy.

JFK, of course, would only celebrate one birthday after Marilyn had serenated her.

The following year, he was shot down waving supporters in Dallas.

And what has all this got to do with Kim?

Well, nothing directly – after all, these events happened almost twenty years before he was born.

But given the role that Kroedy’s birthday may have played in Monroe’s decay and death, it’s not hard to see why some critics believe Kim is guilty of glamorizing a tragic series of events.

The unusual nature of her respect is enhanced by the fact that Kim’s mother is Kris Jenner A look inspired by JFK’s wifeJackie.

There may not be anything wrong here, but many have pointed out that Kim honored Marilyn Monroe by referring to an event that took place just months before her death.

Monroe is still one of the best known victims of overdose / suicide in history, and we live in a time when both phenomena are tragically rising.

Perhaps there was no way to acknowledge the suffering Marilyn had to endure for the rest of her life without compromising the glamor of the Met Gala.

But many critics would probably have been pleased if Kim had somehow acknowledged the fact that those who live the loudest often suffer in silence.

Kim Kardashian: Was She Being Insensitive By Wearing the Dress Marilyn Monroe Made Famous Shortly Before Her Death? Source link Kim Kardashian: Was She Being Insensitive By Wearing the Dress Marilyn Monroe Made Famous Shortly Before Her Death?

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