Kim Kardashian Thanks Kanye While Accepting Award: He’s the Reason I’m Here!

That’s the official story these days Kim Kardashian is dating Pete Davidson Completely moved from Kanye West.

But if that’s true, why is she still talking so much about her ex?

We do not mention that time Kim roasted Kanye while hosting SNL..

The desire to roast a cannier is universal, and I’m sure it’s especially powerful after you’ve been married to the man for six years.

So it makes sense that Kim still enjoys publicly removing Yeezy from the pegs.

But why does she feel the need to balance it by raising his ego frequently?

That’s great for her, and for everyone, but if there’s anyone on the planet who doesn’t need another ego boost, it’s Kanye.

Anyway, Kim once again sang Kanye’s praise at the People’s Choice Awards on Tuesday night.

Four mothers won the Fashion Icon Award.

After receiving the trophy from last year’s winner, Tracee Ellis Ross, Kim immediately turned to Kanye’s topic.

“It’s a great honor to receive an award from the fashion icon itself. Thank you,” she began.

“To Kanye, he really introduced me to the world of fashion,” continued Kim, surprised many.

“I’m crazy about fashion and inspired by people, but it’s also like a dream of waking up, wearing these great clothes, trying new things and taking risks. I am very humble .. “

Insiders say dedication wasn’t a shock to those who know Kim best, as he knows that Kanye continues to provide her fashion advice.

“Kanier isn’t attending tonight, but his presence is felt on the carpet.” One source Said Man..

“It was Kanye who introduced Kim to Demna. [Gvasalia, creative director of Balenciaga] Contributed to the newly formed relationship between her and Balenciaga. “

Yes, those who know continue to insist that Kanye really knows himself when it comes to fashion.

Of course, this is unbelievable given the really scary clothes and sneakers he designed.

Anyway, Kim’s speech adds a new wrinkle to our confusion about exactly what’s happening with these two.

Last but not least Kanye was talking about a settlement with Kim, She reportedly may not be interested in.

In fact, insiders say that the relationship between Kim and Pete has evolved into something important.

Obviously, the exe has four children, so she needs to stay in touch with Kanye.

But would you like to talk to him about costumes and thank him for the award show?

Sending mixed messages may not be the way to go when you are openly wanting to get you back and away from those who have a long history of precarious behavior.

Again, Kim knows Kanye better than anyone.

Maybe she has the power of Kanye Whisperer, which we don’t know, and she knows that publicly stroking his ego is the best way to calm him down.

In any case, we still secretly hope that you will be overwhelmed by Kim’s new man.

We have no objection to the man. We think the Twitter war between Pete and Kanye will be endlessly interesting.

Kim Kardashian Thanks Kanye While Accepting Award: He’s the Reason I’m Here! Source link Kim Kardashian Thanks Kanye While Accepting Award: He’s the Reason I’m Here!

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