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Dinosaurs have roamed the Earth for at least 65 million years, but the love for the creatures was gone Saturday in Vallejo.

Children’s Wonderland hosted “Park and Rex” – Greater Vallejo Recreation District event for children’s love of dinosaurs. There was a dinosaur themed egg hunt for two different age groups, face painting, reptiles and a turtle spotting, as well as the chance for the kids to take a picture with Rex the dinosaur mascot.

Soon 7-year-old Charlie Thomas dressed up for the event in a mask that made dinosaur noises.

“My favorite dinosaur is a Spinosaurus,” Thomas said as he counted the approximately 15 candy-filled eggs he had collected. “I like them because they have spikes all over their bodies.”

Thomas concentrated on collecting all the treats from the plastic eggs until his mother told him about the reptiles. Tomas quickly packed his things and left.

Striven Bearce, 2, comes face-to-face with Sal Sulcata the tortoise from JnW Reptile Rescues during Parks ‘n Rex Day at Children’s Wonderland Park on Saturday. (Chris Riley/Times-Herald)

The day was a hit with Charlie’s brother, 9-year-old Mason.

“I liked getting the eggs with the treats,” Mason Thomas said. “My favorite dinosaur is an Indoraptor because it’s a hybrid and they’re a little bigger.”

Mason’s mother, Ashley, said she learned about the event at the GVRD Kid’s Club.

“I love this. It’s a free family event,” Ashley said. “You can find a good one in every city and this one is good.”

Most of the children entering the grounds immediately rushed to see JnW Reptile’s Sal Sulcata tortoise, and some children came face-to-face with the reptile.

Celia Pasayes, at the event with her children, was enthusiastic about all the activities for children.

“It’s different because it has something for young kids and older kids as well,” Pasayes said. “They have lots of cool things like face painting and reptile viewing.”

GVRD Recreation Superintendent Antony Ryans helped organize the event, his team has been working for three months to coincide the day with “National Parks and Rec’s Month”.

“We took that and then changed the spelling to Rex,” Ryans said with a laugh. “This is the second year we have done it and it has been successful both times. We registered 140 for the first event and 120 for the second session. It has become very popular; people showed up very early for this. I didn’t realize how much dinosaurs resonated with young children. I didn’t expect people to dress up for this event, especially whole families. But that helps bring the community together.”

Ryans said this year her team made sure the kids got to see more eggs and reptiles to find.

“There are some things we couldn’t do even last year because of the COVID-19 restrictions,” Ryans said. “This year we had the opportunity to have a face painter decorate the children with pictures of dinosaurs. We were also able to have a bounce house.”

Growing up in Vallejo, Ryans frequented Children’s Wonderland — memories she brought out for the event.

“Children’s Wonderland was a big part of my life, even though it was different with the rocket slide,” Ryans said. “I am happy that I am able to step forward and create an environment where children can have memories. I miss the camaraderie and seeing people smile. It feels great and the staff that helped put this together has been amazing. I couldn’t do it without that.”

Kids love for dinosaurs on display in Vallejo – Times-Herald Source link Kids love for dinosaurs on display in Vallejo – Times-Herald

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