Kids have been on screens for too long. Reopen schools now

To the editor: I need to open a school in Los Angeles. Both of my children are in private secondary school and neither has been in the classroom since March 2020. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention now says schools with plans to open safely should. (“”Schools in wealthier areas move to reopen faster than schools in low-income communities, “February 11th)

Local and state leaders should do their utmost to get their teachers vaccinated. However, LA healthcare professionals and first responders did not quit their jobs during the pandemic, and doctors with appropriate protective equipment worked before the vaccine became available. Perfection cannot be the enemy of good.

Parents have been asked by pediatricians and teachers to limit their children’s screen times, but now they sit in front of the screen all day long. Lack of physical movement is harmful to our children, and mental isolation is terrible. Teens should not sit in front of a computer all day long.

It’s a thing of the past for Los Angeles to do the right thing and reopen school.

Sonja Rosen, MD, Los Angeles


To the editor: Members of the Los Angeles City Council, Joe Buscaino and Gil Cedillo, will provide far better service to their population by focusing on increasing the supply of vaccines. Request reopening of school..

Requests and proceedings will not reopen the school. Extensive vaccination will do so. Our city leadership should focus on getting more doses. Emphasis must be placed on vaccinated teachers, school staff, school bus drivers, and crossing guards to ensure their safety and return to work.

To reach the end of this pandemic, all city leaders need to move in the same direction. Hostile demands and proceedings do not help.

Terri Walker, Schirmer


To the editor: I am a teacher. My children are teachers. My grandson goes to the Los Angeles Unified School District campus. My 5-year-old grandson hears that he can enter kindergarten, learns and plays with other children, and waits every day to be in the same room as his teacher.

Schools mean a regulated environment, and schools across the country that adopt mitigation methods have already established themselves to be safe, especially for early grades. No matter what community your students are in, if you’re not in the classroom, you may be in an unsafe environment.

Of course, many teachers find it vulnerable, but vaccination does not mean they want to return to the classroom (and perhaps for some teachers). Classrooms are never safe, but harm to a child’s education and psychological well-being ensures that science runs the risk of thinking it is small.

Al Austin, West Hills

Kids have been on screens for too long. Reopen schools now Source link Kids have been on screens for too long. Reopen schools now

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