Kid Rock repeats homophobic slur in tweet about gay friends

Does Kid Rock feel sorry for the homophobic slur he threw during a weekend performance in Tennessee? Not 1 bit. The singer just doubled the nasty words in a mocking tweet about loving his gay friend.

“If Kid Rock is offended by using the word f, you’re likely to be alone,” the singer said. Tweet Wednesday afternoon. “In any case, he loves his gay friends so much that he talks to him. Have a nice day.-Bob Richie.”

The name at the end of the tweet is the name the performer was born with, so offended people can only expect a simple conversation. He usually signs his tweets with the initials “KR”.

Would you like to reply to the tweet?Well, they are everywhere on the map, many people inform the singer that his choice of words is unpleasant and unacceptable, others claim he is a good man to spend a pandemic. Fundraising and donations For those in need.

The kid first used a slur on stage at the Fish Lipz Bar & Grill in Smithville, Tennessee over the weekend. There, he was plagued by mobile phones everywhere in the crowd.

“You have an iPhone f—f—!” He said in a posted video TMZ.. He also instructed the audience to record his crotch if they so wished.Outlet previously posted footage from an episode of Drunk Nashville in late 2019, followed by Kid Rock. A blasphemous rant about Oprah Winfrey..

Around that time, he was back on Twitter. “My people tried to get the Oprah Winfrey show done many years ago. Her people wanted me to write down five reasons why I loved her and her show … I f — And she ”he said Tweet At the time, he included a rainbow-colored flag emoji in his explanation of why he hated talk hosts. “The end of the story.”

Kid Rock, Trump supportersIs socially liberal but financially conservative, and is often referred to as a libertarian who previously expressed support for gay marriage.

Another recent move is guaranteed to offend many people,
Invite Kid Rock Uncontrollable country musician To Morgan Wallen Play at his Nashville Honky Tonk May just before Warren posts New song “What you need to know” On Instagram.

This was the first shot by a Bora Sports singer-songwriter since it was canceled across the industry in February after a drunken night out and yelling N-words to his peers.

Kid Rock repeats homophobic slur in tweet about gay friends Source link Kid Rock repeats homophobic slur in tweet about gay friends

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