Khloe Kardashian FUMES When Asked about Tristan Thompson’s Cheating

Keep up with the turmoil of the Kardashian family It ends with a Reunion-style sit-in interview.

So Andy Cohen Kardashian family turmoil, Like being teased by a new promotion.

Chloe, of course, is grilled about the cheating baby dad, Tristan Thompson.

As you can see in the teaser, Chloe’s face is a discomforting stone mask.

At Teaser, Andy Cohen makes a fuss about the Kardashian family.

“When Tristan first tricked you, how did you know it would happen again?” He asks.

Chloe’s discomfort with the question is obvious.

You can’t learn Chloe’s verbal reaction-anyway, not yet.

The reunion-style seated talk will begin airing on Thursday, June 17th.

After that, Reunion Part 2 will be broadcast on Sunday, June 20th.

KUWTK Finale Reunion Teaser Card

In early April 2018, Khloe Kardashian was very pregnant with True.

Tristan Thompson was a baby dad.

She was delighted to have her first child with her beloved man.

After that, multiple reports came out one after another.

Tristan had been found several women who were not Chloe.

There were photos and videos. The story of his affair was wide open.

Previously, he tweeted about when Tristan began dating Chloe.

Not really his first child.

When he started dating Chloe, the baby mama in front of him seemed uncomfortable and surprised.

However, there was no ambiguity here. Tristan was fooled.

The day after the news was reported, Chloe began working with True.

Despite all, she insisted on putting Tristan in the delivery room-a harsh sign of what’s to come.

Sure enough, Chloe-slowly but surely brought Tristan back into her life-because the world had never really understood it.

Some of it may have been her own complex feelings about the divorce of her parents.

No matter what, there are divorced children who stick to the idea that they don’t do that.

But again, Chloe clearly loved the man.

She persuaded her family to accept Tristan, despite her apparent feelings for Tristan.

Immediately, Chloe pretended that nothing had happened.

Obviously, it didn’t last long. Because fraudsters don’t face zero consequences or life changes, they just stop cheating.

It was already reported that at the end of the year, Tristan was seen spending time with a young and attractive woman.

There were no photos or videos of “smoking guns” this time. That may be the reason why Chloe could ignore it.

What she couldn’t ignore was the report that Tristan was seen “hooking up” with Jordyn Woods at the party.

Of course, Jordyn was very categorically denied that this had happened.

She elaborated on how the night went-and ended up with Tristan kissing her uninvited.

Anyway, Chloe wasn’t interested in Jordan’s version of the event.

Having already decided what to believe, she released her anger at Kyrie’s best friend.

Speaking of Kylie, that friendship was shattered. Jordan had to leave Kyrie’s house.

Meanwhile, Tristan was once able to return to Chloe’s good grace.

It’s always interesting when someone looks much more angry with “other women” (much younger) than the real scammers.

Not surprisingly, the illusion that Tristan was completely loyal to Chloe could not last forever.

The Sydney Chase is a gorgeous young model.

At the beginning of 2021, she brought up the story of having a relationship with Tristan.

She Explained his penis, Dated and vowed to assure her that he was single.

It is unclear exactly how much of this Chloe will address at the reunion.

After all, these things generally take a whole day shoot, but she’s just one of the stars.

The itemized list of Tristan’s cheating and the explanation of why she wanted to get over them could fill that time all herself.

But it would be interesting to hear Andy grill, rather than telling exactly what Chloe wants from his sister.

Is there a phenomenal revelation? Probably not.

But fans are very confused about why everyone, not to mention Chloe, afflicts themselves in this way.

Khloe Kardashian FUMES When Asked about Tristan Thompson’s Cheating Source link Khloe Kardashian FUMES When Asked about Tristan Thompson’s Cheating

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