Kevin Federline: Britney Doesn’t Need a Conservatorship to Be a Great Mom!

Britney Spears has spent the last 13 years in a golden cage, but she went even higher for her sons.

Sean Preston and Jayden James Fedderline Be a teenager and look So I grew up now.

Both Britney and Kevin sought to isolate their sons from fame, the power of attorney, and their terrible grandfather, which was part of their lives.

Kevin vows that he and Britney will continue to solve problems like custody as before-and he does not object to lifting the guardianship system, with or without evaluation.

Kevin Federline’s lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, Page 6 About recent developments in the case of Britney.

“I don’t think it’s an automatic change in the situation, even if the power of attorney is lifted,” Kaplan said.

At least, it’s not a big enough change to “change the order of custody of the case.”

Kaplan said in the past that Britney and Kevin were able to “solve this among themselves.”

Moreover, the age of their sons has far fewer custody arrangements for the court than they did just a few years ago.

Sean and Jayden are both teenagers. The court gives them a lot of voice on the issue of custody.

“You have two teenage boys, no matter what arrangements are made between them and their parents …” Kaplan explained.

He continued: “It must work with them.”

Kaplan says Britney and Kevin have never required parental intervention to resolve custody.

“Just as the fact that she had a guardian did not reduce the time she had,” Kaplan said.

He continued: “If she doesn’t have a guardian, it’s not going to give her more time.”

But that doesn’t mean that this works against her.

Currently, Britney and Kevin have 30-70 custody.

This was fixed in favor of Kevin in an urgent move in 2019 after Jamie Spears was allegedly assaulting one of his grandchildren.

To protect the boys, Britney and Kevin have repositioned them so that they can spend more time beyond Jamie’s understanding.

This was also when Kevin secured a court order to protect both sons from his widely hated grandfather.

“Britney and Kevin are not exercising custody as ordered,” Kaplan said.

“It’s like they agree,” he said.

In the past, Kaplan has expressed hesitation regarding Britney’s desire to end her protection without a mental health assessment.

These assessments are customary and may ultimately be impossible for Britney to avoid.

But after discussing with his client, Kaplan now sounds pretty open to the idea.

“No matter what the Probate Court decides, I leave them to make reasonable decisions,” Kaplan said.

He added that this was “based on the evidence held by the Probate Court.”

In other words, Kevin upholds the court’s ruling and does not require or require Britney to make an exit assessment against her wishes.

Kevin has no plans to attend future hearings, such as the one scheduled for November 12, but wishes her happiness.

“If what was said publicly was true and her rights were violated very seriously,” Kaplan said cautiously, avoiding dragging the client into a court battle.

He continued: “He just wants her to move forward with a happy and strong future.”

Kevin Federline: Britney Doesn’t Need a Conservatorship to Be a Great Mom! Source link Kevin Federline: Britney Doesn’t Need a Conservatorship to Be a Great Mom!

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