Kern County leaders discuss vaccine hesitancy

BAKERSFIELD, California (KERO) – Officials have seen an increase in Covid cases in Kern County, as community leaders gathered on Friday to share more information with residents who may be hesitant to vaccinate themselves and their families.

Organizers said the council’s goal was to clear up any unrest by easing the nerves of the black and Latino communities with regard to Covid immunizations.

This will be met by FDA vaccine advisors next week. The modern Covid-19 vaccine will be discussed to allow emergency use for children ages 6 months to 5 years.

23ABC Fairfax School District Superintendent Dr. Regina Green spoke and said the schools will be instrumental in providing accurate information to parents who are concerned about the safety of each dose.

“My district and many districts in the state of California have resource centers and we do vaccinations and testing regularly,” he said. “And so we want to have a site where parents can feel safe and know that we are here to help them and guide them the way they need to.”

In terms of the number of children already vaccinated against Covid, state data show that black and Latino children have the lowest vaccination rates behind the Asian and White populations.

About 22% of black children between the ages of 5 and 11 are completely immunized compared to 23% of Latinos. Asian children have the highest rate at around 68%, with white children at 29%.

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Kern County leaders discuss vaccine hesitancy Source link Kern County leaders discuss vaccine hesitancy

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