Keke Palmer ‘Nope’ Makeup Is a Clue About Her Character

You have seen Keke Palmer‘s upside down face, eyes wide and mouth open, staring into the unknown posters For Jordan Peele’s highly anticipated sci-fi thriller, No. Brief glimpses of his character shrouded in mystery movie trailer have only raised more questions about it top secret plot, including the possible involvement of aliens, Palmer’s Emerald and Daniel Kaluuya’s character Otis, and mind-melting twists that are sure to follow in all of Peele’s films. Fans finally got their answer last week No‘s official release date on Friday, July 22. But even before the premiere, those posters and trailers had actually already revealed parts of Emerald’s backstory — if only you knew where to look.

“I think that’s the look we gave him” Tym Buacharern, NoThe head of the make-up department and an Emmy-awarded make-up artist says Glamour. “We see him and we see his character.”

Meanwhile Buacharernwho has worked Glamour July cover star In a series of projects, usually creating Palmer’s looks for high-profile makeup moments, this script prompted the duo to decide to go in a different direction. “We tried to do something that was completely different from what you’ve ever seen of her on camera,” she says of Emerald’s “no makeup” look. (As for the no-makeup look, it took a long time to achieve: 45 minutes every day to make Palmer look like she just woke up and washed her face in the morning.)

“He’s a horse trainer,” Buacharern says. “He’s a complete bullpen guy. He’ll take any job and do any job. So I think that dictates it a little bit.” Emerald is also an aspiring social media star who dreams of the unattainable fame that will win her 50 million followers overnight, something you might not have picked up on in the trailer, but it’s hidden in her makeup. Look closely early on and you’ll notice that she has eyelash extensions that gradually fall off as the plot progresses and the rest of her makeup wears off. According to Buacharern, it was a “happy accident”.

“Basically, Keke came in with eyelash extensions,” she says. “He says, ‘I’m going for the shortest ones.’ Although Palmer just wanted to try out the look for fun, it ended up being a perfect match for her obsession with influencers. Instead of having them processed, he let them fall naturally as the film progressed.

Palmer’s sweet wasn’t the only look Buacharern tried out in the film. In fact, he almost ended up acting No green hair and face tattoo. The green hair came from her character’s name, while the face tattoo was something Buacharern and Palmer tried on the day before production began. In the end, both the actress and makeup artist decided to go with a final understated look that more closely reflects Emerald’s backstory. “I tried to [the green hair and face tattoo] at him and we looked at each other and went, Nah,” Buacharern says.

Keke Palmer ‘Nope’ Makeup Is a Clue About Her Character Source link Keke Palmer ‘Nope’ Makeup Is a Clue About Her Character

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