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The COVID-19 epidemic changed the way we work, as millions of Americans have adapted to work from home.

The labor force was not alone. Education also shifted from personal learning to distance learning.

Some of these changes are here to stay … even as we continue the epidemic.

And we can take advantage of them with today’s near-perfect power share.

Electronic learning is the new normal

According to the Institute of Educational Sciences, 45.5% of college students enrolled in distance learning courses in 2021.

Children b 23.15 million American households Also received an online or virtual education that year.

And I believe the distance learning sector still has room to grow from here.

Today I am discussing Power Stock which provides distance learning materials for parents, teachers and schools.

He gets a grade a 99 In our stock power rating system!

It has done well to deal with the current slump in the market.

This stock is only around 10% of the 52-week high with room to rise.

The trend: Online education continues to grow

Before COVID-19, millions of students were learning online lessons.

The global value of the e-learning market was $ 101 billion in 2019.

But the epidemic has accelerated this trend by forcing millions into online classrooms.

Revenue from the global e-learning market totaled $ 199.5 billion in 2019, but we It is expected to grow to $ 372 billion by 2026 – Growth rate of 86.5%!

In this episode of The bull and the bearI dive into a leading company in our stock strength rating system and tell you why it is a strong competitor to your investment portfolio.

its 99 in total rating This means we are “strong bullies” in this e-learning stock and expect it to beat the wider market over the next 12 to 24 months.

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