Katie Ledecky claims her 1st Tokyo Olympics gold – Press Enterprise

Tokyo >> It was as if the normal spirit had returned to the Olympic Games, which had not been on track before the opening.

Katie Ledecky of Team USA, the darling of the past Olympics, pulled away from the rest of the world, adding length to her margin on each lap and finally winning the first 1,500-meter freestyle gold medal of the Olympics. There was a familiar sight to win. Tokyo Aquatics Center Wednesday morning.

Ledecky’s sixth career, Olympic Gold, was the first of these games and ended an otherwise surprisingly difficult 24 hour for American women in Tokyo.

Japan confused the United States 2-0 in the softball final. The US soccer team, an active women’s world cup champion who has already lost to Sweden 3-0, has been drawn 0-0 to Australia.

And when Olympic all-round champion Simone Biles withdrew from the team tournament on Tuesday night, he surprised the Tokyo Olympics because of mental health concerns.

Ledecky also frustrated Wednesday morning when he finished fifth in the 200-meter freestyle, one of the four events that won Rio de Janeiro five years ago. This eliminates the possibility that 24-year-old Ledecky will exceed Jenny Thompson’s Olympic record for most gold medals by a female swimmer (5) in Tokyo.

Ledecky is also a favorite to win three consecutive Olympic 800 freestyle titles comparable to Thompson, but she and her US teammates knock off Arian Titoms and Australia in the 4×200 relay. need to do it.

Titmuss, who defeated Ledecky in 400 freestyles earlier this week, chased Hong Kong’s Siobhan Bernadette Howsey to the last five meters in 200 freestyles, hitting the wall in an Olympic record of 1: 53.50 seconds.

“I’m tired of blood,” Titmuss said. “It was hard. I knew Siobhan really wanted this. By the way, I found out she swam yesterday morning (semi-final), so it’s hard to beat her. I thought I would.

“It’s not the time I thought I could do this morning (1: 53.50), but it’s the Olympics and a lot of other things are happening, so it was just about winning here. I’m very happy. is doing.”

Ledecky was by no means a factor, finishing at 1: 55.30 and winning his first medal in the finals of the 24 Olympic or World Championships.

73 minutes later, Ledecky returned to the top of the starting blocks of the first women’s 1,500 final in Olympic history.

Female swimmers have been lobbying the International Olympic Committee and FINA, the international governing body for swimming, for decades to add metric miles to the Olympic program. Men have challenged the event since the game in 1904.

Ledecky quickly made up for the lost time on Monday. It took less than 150 meters for her to put her length on the field, and the only real race was for the silver medal at that time. She finished at 15: 37.34, well below the 2018 world record (15: 20.48) and Olympic record (15: 35.35).

Erica Sullivan of the United States was second at 15: 41.41.

For Team USA, that wasn’t all good news. The American man finished fourth in the 4×200 relay and is the first time the United States has failed to win a medal in all but three events since 1936, including the last four Olympics. ..

Katie Ledecky claims her 1st Tokyo Olympics gold – Press Enterprise Source link Katie Ledecky claims her 1st Tokyo Olympics gold – Press Enterprise

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