Kanye West Dumps Chaney Jones Amid Reports That Pete Davidson Has Moved In With Kim Kardashian

When Kim Kardashian started dating Pete DavidsonKanye West almost lost his mind.

The guy wasn’t superstable at first, so the situation quickly became unstable.

Kanye followed Kim and harassed Pete and usually teased himself with the goal … to win Kim back?

We’re not sure exactly what he was trying to do, but it clearly didn’t work.

Kanye did so much crazy shit in those early days of the Pete-Kim situation that much of it was barely covered.

Take, for example, the fact that West spent the last several months meeting Chaney Jones like Kim.

Nowadays, often when you hear a phrase like “Kim lookalike” in the media, it’s a click bait exaggeration to capitalize on your curiosity.

But fuck, Chaney really is does looks a lot like Kim!

According to reports, Kanye wanted to photograph with Chaney to make Kim jealous.

We’re not sure why it would affect her because she was in her own relationship at the time, but it’s best not to try to figure out how Kanye’s mind works.

Kanye and Chaney

In any case, according to a new TMZ report, Kanye and Chaney have stopped it.

It’s unclear who pulled the plug, but apparently the relationship was pretty serious.

Kanye and Chaney had recently returned from spending several weeks together in Japan.

But earlier this week, Ye was spotted at the show Top Gun with an unknown female partner.

Shortly thereafter, sources close to Yen and Chaney confirmed that the couple had separated.

They started dating in February, around that time West resigned from Julia Fox.

It is now possible that the two developments are unrelated, but much has been done about the fact that Kanye broke up with Chaney in the same way that Kim and Pete seem to be leveling off.

Pete retired from SNL in last month’s season finale, and it is rumored that he now lives with Kim in Calabasas.

Davidson was recently spotted on a shopping trip with Kim and Kanye’s son Saint.

As TMZ pointed out, Pete and Saint seemed to be outside on their ownand the boy held the hand of Pete.

Now Kim and Pete have been dating since October last year, so there’s nothing weird about Davidson taking one of the kids to take care of things.

But we guess Kanye isn’t very happy with the situation.

From the beginning, with regard to Kim and Pete, Kanye expressed concern about the possibility that the young newcomer would take on the role of a father figure in the lives of her children.

And insiders said the rapper was even more angry when he learned that Pete was tattooing the children’s initials around his neck.

Note, this is the same Kanye, who bought a house across the street from Kim so that he could keep an eye on him.

We wouldn’t let him skip Chaney’s submission just because he could dedicate himself to full-time persecution.

Kanye West Dumps Chaney Jones Amid Reports That Pete Davidson Has Moved In With Kim Kardashian Source link Kanye West Dumps Chaney Jones Amid Reports That Pete Davidson Has Moved In With Kim Kardashian

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