Kanye West: Banned From Instagram After Hurling Racial Slurs

One would think that after all these years in the spotlight, Kanye West would be a little more adept at managing her public image.

On the other hand, he has never suffered the real consequences as a result of his many campaigns of collapse and harassment, so why would he bother to engage in self-examination or try to curb his worst impulses?

As you no doubt know, Kanye’s latest scandals have targeted everyone Kim Kardashian’s boyfriend Pete Davidson.

At this point, we don’t even invite Pete to Kim New boyfriend because they have been dating since October last year.

Anyway, Kanye is so blinded with rage that at this point, he attacks the celebrities next to Pete, apparently not caring how many bridges he might burn in the process.

Example, Kanye insulted Trevor Noah this week after that Daily presentation the host committed an obvious unforgivable sin by pointing out that Kanye is harassing Kim and is likely to traumatize her children.

“K – n Baya my lord k – n Baya K – n Baya my lord K – n Baya Oooo ‘lord K – n Baya,” West wrote on Instagram in response to Noah’ s criticism.

only Noah

It takes a lot of disciplinary action from the West’s caliber star to get disciplinary action from the site, but apparently spreading the races to another public figure is enough to grab the attention of administrators.

Of course, Kanye is still Kanye, so his punishment came as a wrist stroke:

According to a new report TMZ Ye has been banned from Instagram – but only for 24 hours.

West will probably come back to the IG sometime today, and you can bet he has a whole new list of grievances.

At the time of the ban, West attacked DL Hughley, another comedian who defended Kim and Pete.

“This adult man chose this outfit himself. Is he influential or under the influence ???” West wrote in a message about Hughley yesterday.

Kanye from Hughley

“I defended this n when he had a job … Like no, he ‘s having fun … you just have to watch it a trillion more times to get it.”

Of course, by the time Kanye gets republished, he’s probably shifted his focus back to hating Kim and Pete.

Kim appeared Ellen This week, he revealed that Davidson has taken several tattoos in honor of their relationship.

“She has a few tattoos, a few cute ones she’s taken [for me]”Kim said on the program.

“But ‘Kim’ isn’t really a tattoo. It’s branding,” he explained.

“I think he just said,‘ I want something out there that I can’t get rid of [it like] my tattoos. [He] I just wanted it as a scar. “

In addition to the brand, it looks like Pete got new ink in honor of his girlfriend’s career goals.

Kim revealed that Pete has a tattoo that reads “My daughter is a lawyer,” and while it’s not yet technically true, Kim has passed the baby bar examso Davidson’s ink may prove prophetic.

“That’s what tattoo artists do,” Kim told Ellen.

“They take tattoos of what’s going on in my life, so I asked, ‘Am I something special?'”

You can bet that Kanye is already well aware of his wife’s latest interview.

And he’ll probably post it angrily as soon as he can!

Kanye West: Banned From Instagram After Hurling Racial Slurs Source link Kanye West: Banned From Instagram After Hurling Racial Slurs

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