Kailyn Lowry Won’t Rule Out Baby #5: I’m Undergoing IVF, Everyone!

Never say, everyone.

For Kailyn Lowry, this is more than just an empty courtesy.

It became a saying that she had to live by her side in case she wanted to join a family close to her.

In her latest Coffee Convos podcast, Teen Mom 2 star and four mothers talked about the results of their diagnosis of polycystic ovary syndrome.

“I had a very heavy time,” Laurie explains to the listeners. “I bleed from the mattress. I bleed from everything.”

As a record, polycystic ovary syndrome is a hormonal disorder in which the ovaries are enlarged and sometimes have small cysts on the outer edge.

The cause is unknown and there are medications that can be taken to treat medical disorders.

However, there is no actual cure.

Kairin said in the aforementioned Pocast that after ultrasound revealed these multiple cysts in her ovaries and Google examined the symptoms at the time, Laurie thought she had cancer.

“I was crying,’I don’t want to die,'” she recalled. “I literally cried to fall asleep.”

The actual diagnosis was “overwhelming,” but she says Raleigh is in control of it and is planning for the future.

This future may include another child.

“I don’t plan to have more children right away, but I’m doing in vitro fertilization and egg collection, so I hope I have a chance in the future.” Raleigh said to the weekly..

“As you know, my children are old.”

Kairin had four children by three different men.

  1. Isaac, 11.
  2. Lincoln, 7.
  3. Lux, 3.
  4. Creed, 8 months.

She’s not the first time Talked about having a fifth child..

It is But for the first time, she admitted that she had taken an important step towards that.

In November, 29-year-old told podcast co-host Lindsie Chrisley, “I’ve never looked for a girl” after welcoming four boys.

“I don’t really know, so I’m not saying I’m going to have another child,” Laurie said back then, as far as we know, I’m not dating anyone now.

She added a few months ago:

“I’m not on my radar right away.

“And I always say this, every time I try to get my life on track, and I’m going to get pregnant again. I know this.

“Similarly, this time it could really be done. I have four f-king kids … I’m not really depressed to start five basketball teams.”

How does she feel now?

“The drug has insane side effects. The diagnosis came as early as the symptoms came, so I’m trying to find the best way to manage the symptoms,” she told Weekly. It was.

“So it’s completely new and overwhelming.

“But we’ll come up with a way to manage it, and we’ll solve it. That’s okay.”

Teen Mom 2 Season 11 will premiere on MTV on Tuesday, May 4th, 8 / 7c.

Don’t expect to end up with the news of Kairin Raleigh’s pregnancy, as she says she’s enjoying her “independence” now and hopes not to create a new life in the “near future.”

But in the future?

“Maybe. Maybe not. I understand.”

Kailyn Lowry Won’t Rule Out Baby #5: I’m Undergoing IVF, Everyone! Source link Kailyn Lowry Won’t Rule Out Baby #5: I’m Undergoing IVF, Everyone!

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