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Justify the killing of Kyle Rittenhouse in Kenosha: a living lesson of white-American justice

Dr. Mauranaka Brick (file photo), an ethical philosopher, author, two PhDs, professor and chairman of the Faculty of Africana, California State University (file photo)

The racial, and certainly racist nature of American justice, and how it is considered, implemented and justified, cannot be wisely, seriously or honestly denied. We have lived and resisted people for centuries with this kind of justice, in fact injustice. Therefore, we know it not only from our own reading and reasoning, but also from our living and daily life, brutal, bruising, fear, denial of freedom, and life-threatening experiences. .. Therefore, the recent verdict justifying the shooting and killing of Kyle Rittenhouse in Kenosha is not surprising, even the most optimistic of us.

Indeed, the racialized scale of American justice tends to lean towards the interests of whites in criminal and civil cases, especially when weighing evidence of direct or indirect involvement of blacks. We know And while we are always shocked and legitimately resentful of radical evil and indignation, everywhere and always, we cannot be morally accustomed to this racist indignation. Testify to the truth and set the scale of justice in place among the voiceless. That is, vulnerable, silent, oppressed, weakened, trampled, devalued, and oppressed.

Child Kyle rides wildly on Kenosha, shooting and killing two men, injuring another, being tried, screaming at a signal, embraced by a judge and an essentially white jury, and self-defense. I was acquitted under the guise. .. A modern young cowboy with a gun and a gall took part in a mission to save White America with a right-wing vigilant, pretending to have come to protect his property and withdrawing. Sure, he wasn’t wary of any property, but he was mostly white and was demonstrating against police violence, especially black men, Jacob Blake’s police shootings, Black Lives Matter. He threw himself in the midst of an alliance with protesters. Behind and sideways. It was this aggressive intervention, wielding his AR-15-style assault rifle, that evoked reactions from some protesters, who used it as an opportunity to hurt and kill it and used it as a self. Called defense.

Others writing about this have raised the issue of guns, gun law and use, self-defense law and the division of the United States. Recognizing the complexity of the problem, we do not focus on the black problem and how we are treated discriminatory and unfairly, and these problems are distractions, excuses, apologies, and racial aspects. Claims that it seems to reflect what it cannot face American justice and American society.

Yes, the two men killed and the one injured were white, but they were allies and activists in support of BLM in protest of police violence. These people consider such social consciousness and activist whites to be racial traitors and deserve death. It is reminiscent of the killing of whites during the civil rights phase of the Black Freedom Movement. In fact, in response to this multi-ethnic activity by wild locals, there were shootings, brutal beatings and killings, as well as local law enforcement and FBI members supporting crime and cover-ups and disinformation. A white activist with advanced information. So, again, it’s about how blacks and whites should act against them.

The trial reflected the privileges and power of whites from start to finish. But even before the trial at the scene of the shooting and murder, the armed Rittenhouse was given a pass by police. This is a privilege or forgiveness that no one takes seriously to young black people. In fact, they are regularly unarmed and shot in various places such as cars, homes, playgrounds and streets. So the Rittenhouse is brought to justice, but it doesn’t really come true. Of course, the trap is there, the procedure and the people involved. But justice is not provided in a realistic and substantive way.Because there is a clear difference. Procedural fairnessThat is, focus on going through the process, even if it is flawed and unfair. Substantive law It focuses on fairness, context, legitimate results, and the procedure itself.

The Rittenhouse had three defenders. Two lawyers at his table, a third defender on the bench, a judge, and an almost completely white jury, one colored person is a member or agent. He is in his favor as both a white man and a vigilant. White conservatives raised millions of dollars for his bail and defense and declared him a kind of “hero.” Therefore, he appears in court without legitimate or understandable concerns of blacks and other colored races. He is truly presumed to be innocent in age, intent and race, and only has to resort to the “reasonable suspicion” of his fellow Caucasians to escape conviction. And their reasoning and suspicion are not ours for some reason.

The judge of the trial turned backwards to give the opening and support of the Rittenhouse. He did not call the victim a “victim” or state that Rittenhouse belonged to the white supremacist group Proud Boys. In addition, he told the court the music that his phone was ringing, the song that was played at the entrance to Trump at the rally. He made anti-Asian remarks, repeatedly despised and accused the prosecution, and undermined the legitimacy of the case. In addition, he withdrew the accusation that Rittenhouse was a minor in possession of dangerous weapons. And just before he testified, he led the defense counsel’s applause as a veteran. This is not just a privilege of whites – forgiveness and benefits. It is the exercise of white supremacism. Indeed, it is a reflection of white prejudice, preferences and will as racism as it transforms public policy, formal interpretation and application of law, and socially recognized practices.

This judicial shared screen charade with a solid white wall offers us nothing new about white-American justice. It only reaffirms and reinforces our living experiences and lessons from critical studies of race and racism. And the first of these is that the law is the basic characteristic and foundation of white supremacism, and it is the creation, interpretation and enforcement of the law that reveals the rights and wills of the race / class that govern this law. Is that. Sacred observance at the tip of the gun – whether masked in court or unholstered on the street in the form of official or self-defense.

Kyle the Kid’s judicial immunity is not just a signal to vigilants, but the false fears, fantasies and concepts of blacks make them feel they also need and are exonerated. Racial order is also a signal to other whites who can intervene violently anywhere to maintain an established state. It is considered a legitimate white self-defense through racist and racist reasoning of judges and juries. This was also a message sent to White and other Black allies fighting for racial justice. It says that whites jeopardize their white status if they join the blacks and do not claim the protected, privileged and powerful status that their race gives them. And, of course, that we know we don’t have the opportunity for protection or justice if they do this for “compromise whites” is a message of tired horror to us. is.

But our struggle is long, difficult, dangerous, deadly and demanding. And we are not discouraged by the various forms of racist barbarians. Otherwise, there would have been no rebellion and resistance between the Holocaust of slavery and the pervasive violence of separation. And now there is no rebellious and determined struggle for freedom, justice, equality and power during the Black Freedom Movement or the Liberation Initiative. We know the fierce and plain face of terrorism and the confessed and disguised identities of terrorists, and are not afraid of self-inflated winter oppressive wolves. As always, we win in battle, free ourselves, become ourselves through justice and relentless resistance, with ongoing and courage for ongoing African and human good and lasting well-being. A world that fills itself with uncompromising struggles.

Dr. Maurana Kareng, Professor and Chairman of Africana Studies, California State University Long Beach. Managing Director of the African American Cultural Center (USA).Author of Kwanzaa; Kwanzaa: Family, Community, Cultural Festival, Kwanzaa Message and Meaning: Bringing Good to the World When Struggle Essay: Position and Analysis, Www.AfricanAmericanCulturalCenter-LA.org; www.OfficialKwanzaaWebsite.org; www.MaulanaKarenga.org.

Justifying Kyle Rittenhouse’s Killings in Kenosha: Lived Lessons of White American Justice    – Los Angeles Sentinel | Los Angeles Sentinel Source link Justifying Kyle Rittenhouse’s Killings in Kenosha: Lived Lessons of White American Justice    – Los Angeles Sentinel | Los Angeles Sentinel

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