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SAN BERNARDINO DISTRICT, California. – The San Bernardino District Prosecutor’s Office announced that on April 1, 2022, the jury found the 37-year-old Lucas Dingmana resident of Apple Valley, guilty of second-degree murder in the death of his 11-month-old son, Bradley Dingman.

On the morning of May 2, 2011, just before 10:00 a.m., the Apple Valley Fire Department responded to a fire in an apartment on block 20300 of Broken Bow Road.

The apartment was the home of baby Bradley, his father Lucas and his girlfriend. On the night of the fire, an adult woman and her then two-year-old son were also temporarily staying.

(Bradley Dingman would have turned twelve in June 2022.)

According to a press release from the prosecutor’s office, “a neighbor noticed smoke coming out of another bedroom, which did not know it was a children’s room. The neighbor then crawled low up into the baby’s room and seeing that the fire was coming from the crib, she continued to empty the fire extinguisher to put out the flames. At that moment, the baby’s mother ran, grabbed the baby and jumped into the car of another neighbor who took them to the hospital. “

The newborn arrived at St. Mary’s Hospital. Mary in critical condition, with 80% of his body covered in third-degree burns.

He was flown by medical staff first to Arrowhead Regional Medical Center and then transferred to Providence St. Louis. Josephs on further treatment. St. Joseph decided to take him by helicopter to the burn department in San Francisco, but unfortunately the newborn suffered a heart attack in mid-flight and did not survive.

A jury found an Apple Valley man guilty of killing his 11-month-old son
(Photo of Lucas Dingman’s 2015 reservation)

“When he was interviewed about the circumstances of the fire that led to his son’s death, Dingman showed little emotion and tried to say that the two-year-old who stayed with them had to start it. However, the arson and police investigators determined that given the age, the level of dexterity of the children and the fact that there were several points of attempting to light a lighter on the bed sheets, the child could not start it, “the statement reads. .

Officials said that although most of the crib bedding is fire resistant, the smoldering flames ignited the knitted blanket that was in the crib with the baby.

Apart from the fact that Dingman tried very little to save his son’s life, he allegedly started a fire in order to blame the child, with whom he did not like to live.

After being cold for several years, detectives assigned to the Cold Cases Team reopened the investigation in February 2014.

On May 1, 2015, an investigation led them to travel to Waterloo, Iowa, to conduct an interview with Lucas Dingman. At the end of the interview, Dingman was arrested for the murder of Bradley Dingman.

After nearly 11 years, with the help of the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Homicide Squad and details of the bombs and arson, our San Bernardino County Attorney’s Office prosecutors were able to find justice for Bradley Dingman’s baby when a jury convicted Lucas Dingman of second … degree murders, for which a sentence of 15 years of life was imposed “, it is stated from the prosecutor’s office.

The verdict against Lucas Dingman is scheduled for May 6, 2022 in Division V2 of the Victorville High Court.

(Photo courtesy of Remembering Handsome Bradley Facebook community)

(source: San Bernardino District Attorney’s Office)

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Jury finds Apple Valley man guilty of killing his 11-month-old son – VVNG.com

Source link Jury finds Apple Valley man guilty of killing his 11-month-old son – VVNG.com

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