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Chicago (AP) — A jury in Jussie Smollett’s trial lied to police that a former “empire” actor was a victim of anti-gay, racially discriminatory attacks and his defense. After the prosecutor said there was “overwhelming evidence,” the prosecution began deliberations on Wednesday, saying the indictment was based on lies.

The deliberations began in January 2019 after a week-long trial in which Smollett testified that he had recruited them to forge an attack near his home in downtown Chicago. They were black and gay Smoret coordinating mischief, hooking his neck, screaming racist and homosexual slurs, ravaging him from a surveillance camera perspective, and through social media. He said he wanted a video of the slur that was released.

Smollett testified that he was a real hate crime victim and told the jury, “There was no hoax. He called his brother a” liar, “and the $ 3,500 check he wrote was food and exercise. Said it was for the plan. His lawyer claimed that his brothers attacked the actor because of his homosexual dislike and created a story that the attack was being staged, but if Smollett paid $ 1 million each, they would against Smollett. He said he would not testify.

In closing arguments on Wednesday, special counsel Dan Webb told the jury that the Chicago Police Department had spent a huge amount of money investigating a crime allegedly found to be fake by Smoret’s actions. rice field. Black and gay Smoletto told police that someone had a rope around his neck and shouted a racist and homosexual slur.

“We completely condemn not only violating the law, but as serious as a true hate crime, and make sure that it contains words and symbols of such historical significance in our country. Is clearly wrong, “Webb said.

He also accused Smollett of lying to the jury, saying that the pre-attack surveillance video and the night were inconsistent with the important moments of Smollett’s testimony.

“After all, he’s totally unreliable,” Webb said.

Defendant lawyer Nene Uche said in closing arguments that the brothers were “sophisticated liars,” and in last week’s testimony, one of the brothers said “I can’t remember” many times. It’s ridiculous. “

“The entire prosecution’s case, including the grounds for the case, is built like Trump Tower,” Uche said.

This week, taking the position of a witness, Smollett repeatedly denied that the attack was fake. He explained how he was the victim of a hate crime while walking in the neighborhood at the beginning of January 29, 2019.

Smoret testified that he had returned home from buying sandwiches around 2 am when someone shouted racist and homosexual remarks referring to the television show “Empire.” He also shouted something about “MAGA”, a clear reference to then-President Donald Trump’s slogan, “Make America Great Again.” He testified that the slogan Smollett received on the “Empire” set, featuring a picture of a stickman hanging on a rope, was scribbled in several hatred mails.

Smollett said that when he came to confront the man, a man hit his head, fell to the ground, and another man kicked him before the attacker escaped. Smollett said he noticed a rope around his neck after the attack. When he returned home, his friend was called the Chicago Police Department and said he wouldn’t because Smollett didn’t trust the police as a black man.

Uche told the jury that one of his brothers, Olabingo Osandairo, posted a homosexual slur on social media. He also testified that Abil Osundylo went to the baths with Smollett, but remembered denying sexual relations. Smollett later testified that the man had sex with him in a public bath. Uche suggested that Olabingo’s homosexual aversion and Abimbola’s “self-aversion” were the motives for their attacks.

Another possible motive was that Avil Osundylo wanted to be hired as a Smollett guard.

“These people want to make money,” he said.

Webb said he lied when he testified that he had picked up the Osundylo brothers a few days before the attack, rather than conducting a “dry run” of fake attacks, as Smollett told the jury last week. In the surveillance video, a man is seen driving around Smollett’s apartment three times, but Smollett never parked his car for training.

The brothers testified that Smollett pointed out a surveillance camera recording a fake attack near the intersection and could be published on social media. However, Smollett testified on Tuesday that he had canceled his plans to exercise because it was not uncommon for him to run around in a circle and he did not want to exercise with Orabingo Osundyro, whom he did not invite with him. bottom.

Uche told the jury that Smollett often smoked marijuana and made music, and questioned why the prosecutor did not get his surveillance video.

“They don’t want to do that because it turns out it wasn’t a dry run,” Uche said.

Webb also referred to a surveillance video showing Brother Osundiro roaming the area on a suspected attack night. Webb wondered how his brothers, who did not live nearby, knew that they were in the area around 2 am in the freezing cold due to a fake attack.

“They knew where he was going because Smollett told them where he was going,” Webb said.

However, Mr. Uche testified that the brothers arrived 40 minutes early, adding that “they were wrapping him around.”

Webb also questioned why Smollett didn’t hand over his cell phone to police and why he didn’t provide access to DNA samples and medical records to help with the investigation. Smollett testified that he did not trust the Chicago Police Department and was concerned about privacy.

“If he were a true victim of the crime, he would not have withheld evidence,” Webb said.

Uche said it was “nonsense” for the Chicago Police Department to ask Smollett for his DNA when he was still considered a victim of the crime. He said he later provided the FBI with DNA for another investigation of the harassment email Smollett received at the “Imperial” studio shortly before the attack.

“He didn’t hide anything,” Uche said.

Alleged chaotic behavior is a class 4 felony with up to three years’ imprisonment, but experts may be probated and ordered to serve the community if Smollett is convicted. Is high.


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Jury begins deliberations in trial of actor Jussie Smollett – Press Telegram Source link Jury begins deliberations in trial of actor Jussie Smollett – Press Telegram

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