Juror No. 7 From 2004 Scott Peterson Trial Takes Stand In Pivotal Hearing, as Peterson Hopes to Overturn Conviction

Peterson’s attorneys say he should get a whole new trial because a certain juror allegedly lied about being a previous victim of domestic violence, and they grilled her on the witness stand in San Mateo County all day Friday.

as long ago convicted killer Scott Peterson is just Fishing to have his murder conviction dropped and get one a whole new attempt From the ground up, many scars and wounds from this 2004 process will be reopened. And there is certainly a degree of sexism in the fact that a bevy of journalists Nicknamed Judge #7 “Strawberry Shortcake” over her dyed pink hair. Hey, we all used language in 2004 that we now regret.

But unfortunately some journalists still use this nickname in their headlines today. Come to think of it since Scott Peterson’s prison attire a red jumpsuitmaybe we should call him Strawberry Shortcake?

Juror #7’s real name is Richelle Nice (pronounced “nice” rather than “Nice, France”), and she no longer has pink hair. But she has become the focus of Peterson’s attempt to have his conviction overturned. That reports the Bay Area New Group Peterson’s attorneys allege that she lied in a jury questionnaire in 2004 when she said she was never a crime victim, but now Peterson’s team alleges she was a victim of domestic violence at the hands of an ex-boyfriend and issued a restraining order against the same colleague’s ex-girlfriend.

“If she was telling the truth, she would never have gotten on the jury,” Peterson’s attorney Pat Harris told the News Group.

KTVU’s Evan Sernoffsky live-tweeted what Nice was getting from Peterson’s attorneys, and she appeared to be holding up well. In addition, she testified to this on the front lines of domestic violence She hit the ex-boyfriend, not the other way around. She says she did not consider herself a crime victim and obtained the restraining order in self-defense because she was pregnant at the time.

Lawyers also urged her on her potential bias towards men having affairs because, as you may recall, Peterson’s lover was Amber Frey pretty much tricked him with recorded phone calls that proved Peterson was lying. Additionally, this reference to “Little Man” is a term Nice uses in letters she wrote to Peterson in prison, referring to the unborn child he found guilty of killing.

Aside from the awfulness of Scott Peterson’s attorneys, this all leads to an interesting legal question. Are you the victim of a crime if you don’t look at yourself crime victim? Is it legally lying to say that you are not a crime victim when any district attorney could technically prosecute your case as a crime? These seem like Hail Mary attempts by Peterson’s team, but the scheme might work.

Speaking of the awfulness of Scott Peterson’s attorneys, Celebrity attorney Mark Geragos who represented Peterson in 2004 is expected to comment on Tuesday. Richelle Nice will testify further on Monday.

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REDWOOD CITY, CA – MARCH 16: Juror Richelle Nice arrives at the courthouse on March 16, 2005 in Redwood City, California. Nice, who was a member of the jury, attended the formal sentencing of Scott Peterson, who was convicted of two counts of murder and received the death penalty for the deaths of his wife and their unborn child. (Photo by John Green-Pool/Getty Images)

Juror No. 7 From 2004 Scott Peterson Trial Takes Stand In Pivotal Hearing, as Peterson Hopes to Overturn Conviction Source link Juror No. 7 From 2004 Scott Peterson Trial Takes Stand In Pivotal Hearing, as Peterson Hopes to Overturn Conviction

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