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SOLEDAD – Soledad-Mission Recreation District recently hosted a baseball and softball clinic for the Junior Giants program at Jesse Gallardo Park in Soledad.

The June 5 clinic included 112 boys and 96 girls from Soledad and beyond who received instruction from volunteer coaches in the tee ball age groups, from 8 to 10 years in baseball and softball and from 11 to 13 years in baseball and major softball.

Anthony Mena of the Soledad-Mission Recreation District organized the clinic on Sunday and will be in charge of the Junior Giants program in Soledad.

“This is the biggest show Soledad has hosted for baseball and softball. I’m the curator and Jennika Alcantar is the Junior Giants ambassador, so it’s just Jennika and I running everything,” Mena said. “(The clinic) got most of the coaches and volunteers and the kids to sign up.”

Players take their cuts off the batting tee at Soledad Junior Giants Clinic. (Miguel Ramírez)

Since the program is required to cover the costs of using the three Gallardo parks, Mena said they are requesting donations or sponsors to help pay for those costs.

“We have to pay for the camps five days a week, and since this is a free program, a good chunk of our budget is taken away from the pool,” he added.

Junior Giants is a free, non-competitive, mixed baseball and softball program. This season will last six weeks and about 290 children are enrolled to play.

“We’re going to touch a lot of families who couldn’t afford to play baseball or softball,” Mena said. “Junior Giants provides us with all the necessary equipment for each team and every child who does not have a glove receives a free glove. We also provide children with play trousers, a sweater and a hat.

Junior Giants games will begin on June 20, tee ball games will be played on Mondays, baseball and softball Wednesdays for ages 8 to 10, and baseball and softball Fridays for ages 11 to 13.

For more information, call Anthony Mena at Soledad Pool at 678-3745.

The girls work on their swings on the net and also receive instruction in field defense from volunteer softball coaches at the Junior Giants Clinic on June 5th. (Michael Ramirez)

Junior Giants kick off season with Soledad clinic – Salinas Valley Tribune Source link Junior Giants kick off season with Soledad clinic – Salinas Valley Tribune

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