June Shannon Defends Boyfriend Justin Stroud: He’s Not a Clout-Chaser! He GETS Me!

Just days before new season Mama June: The Road to Redemption begins, the name star speaks.

Jun’s younger boyfriend was a hot topic on social media and in the season trailer.

But June claims he is not being used for reputation.

June claims he persecuted and “chased” him, and claims he is not a chaser of influence or a danger to his sobriety.

June Shannon spoke Entertainment tonight before the premiere of the upcoming season.

“We just started talking, and I started persecuting him,” June recalled as things started with Justin Stroud.

“Everyone always says they’re an aspirant for influence,” he admitted. “F – k, I chased him!”

Justin Stroud bad selfie

According to June, this popular image of a man approaching him to live with his relative success is full of fantasy.

“People don’t understand. When Justin and I first met, I moved in with him at his home,” he claimed.

“We both had our own homes,” June clarified, “but I moved in with him.”

“And no, he’s certainly not an aspirant for influence,” June stressed.

“He’s doing his own thing. I’m doing my own thing,” he said.

“But,” June confirmed, “we do a lot of things together.”

June has been a reality TV person for more than a decade, and her daughter’s home name – her nickname anyway.

However, he claims that Justin had no idea he was talking to a reality star when they first met.

“He didn’t know who I was with at first, honestly,” June claimed. “He didn’t know.”

June said that while Justin was on the move, he rejected the offer for a reputation for reality.

“And he said [the producers]’No, I don’t want to be a part of it. I don’t want to do that, ”he described.

“He had a full-time job. He owns businesses,” June explained. “He has his own life.”

June Shannon IG shows a tattoo of Justin Stroud

“So it’s been a kind of adjustment for him,” June admitted, “but he’s like ‘H-k it.'”

He continued, “He got into it, so he’s like ‘ride.'”

June also expressed concern about whether the two recovering addicts who live a sober lifestyle can safely socialize with each other.

“You just have to be supportive,” June explained.

“There are days because the fact that some people are going to clean up doesn’t mean,” he began.

June continued, “It doesn’t turn into peaches, flowers and rainbows.”

“A lot of people say,‘ Well, the two recovering can’t be together, ’” June admitted.

He commented, “Well, that’s a lie.”

“We’re going to prove it,” June declared.

“We’ve been through hell and back,” June pointed out. “We’ve known each other for years.”

He argued, “Most relationships don’t go through the hurdles we’ve had to go through in the last year.”

June added: “They don’t even go through it during their relationship.”

“So,” June argued, “honestly, I think it’s made us stronger.”

He expressed how grateful he feels to have found “someone who understands” him and his struggles.

The rest of us have to keep our fingers crossed so that nothing goes terribly wrong.

June Shannon Defends Boyfriend Justin Stroud: He’s Not a Clout-Chaser! He GETS Me! Source link June Shannon Defends Boyfriend Justin Stroud: He’s Not a Clout-Chaser! He GETS Me!

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