July is pet fire safety month

San Francisco (KGO)-Our pets are part of our family and we always want to keep them safe.

Each year, 500,000 pets inhale smoke and 40,000 pets die from home fires.

It’s Pet Fire Prevention Month, so please refer to the following tips. Kid fire safety To protect your pet from fire.

Make sure the smoke detector is working. You can test the smoke detector by pressing and holding the button on the surface of the smoke detector. If the siren is absent or makes a faint noise, replace the battery. Replace the alarm every 10 years.

Place a “inside the pet” window clinging to your property. Clinging or decals can be placed at the entrance or exit to warn firefighters that your furry friend needs to be rescued in an emergency.
When you are absent, keep your pet locked in to protect it from mischief. To keep your pet safe, try gating or crate your pet as you leave the house. Install crates or gates near entrances or exits so that first responders can act quickly in an emergency.

Nearly 1,000 home fires are accidentally initiated by pets each year. Pets that jump on the stove or surf leftovers at the counter can cause a fire and become very ill if they consume food or cleaning supplies. Keep food invisible or keep it.

Sharon Cooksey, Safety Educator, KidThis month, in partnership with celebrity dog ​​trainer Sarah Carson, to provide simple home tips to train your pet to respond positively to the sounds of smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) alarms. Announced.Find more information here..

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