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Mayor James T. Butts Jr. (Photo courtesy of Valerie Goodrow / Sentinel)

The judge said today that he tends to cut down some of the proceedings filed by former Inglewood Mayor James T. Butts Jr.’s former girlfriend and executive assistant. Dismissed in 2019, the mayor acted “like Black Donald Trump.”

Judge Richard J. Barge, Jr. of the Los Angeles Superior Court has ruled tentatively dismissing Melanie McDade Dickens’s cause of sexual harassment, sexual harassment and failure to investigate and prevent retaliation, but how much she is. He said he would like to investigate further how he spent his time. To file a proceeding with her.

McDade-Dickens filed her complaint on January 25, and Butts and the city lawyer Mira Hashmall claimed that the law at the time gave plaintiffs only one year from July 2019 — she litigated. Received a notice of rights from the State Fair Employment and Housing Department — to file a proceeding.

Plaintiffs’ lawyers allege that it took her three years to file a proceeding. Judges are also inclined to allow McDade Dickens to correct her complaints and further claim that her claims for negligent employment, supervision, and retention are not hampered by government immunity. Said that.

The judge tentatively denied the defense’s request to dismiss her allegations of harassment, discrimination, deliberate mental distress in mental distress, and state labor law violations.

According to the proceedings, the plaintiff’s allegations are “related to the disturbing behavior of the despised lover. The lover is also the mayor of a fast-growing metropolis, taking advantage of his great power and influence. And seduces a trusted city official, Melanie McDade Dickens, to become romantically involved with him. “

But after McDade Dickens ended what was called a consensual relationship, Butts “acted like Black Donald Trump and targeted those who dared to rebuke him,” said Jose, the city’s mayor of human resources. It was collusion with Cortez and Mayor Artie Fields to ruin it. The proceedings allege her career in retaliation against the plaintiff for the work she loved and eventually dismissing her.

McDade-Dickens met Butts in 2010 and she volunteered to work on his mayoral campaign, the proceedings said. He initially asked her to serve as his office manager, but he was so impressed with her knowledge and organizational strength that he promoted her inner advisory circle as part of his strategic committee. , The lawsuit states. After Butts was elected mayor in 2010, he invited McDade Dickens to his executive assistant.

According to the proceedings, “Initially, Butts nurtures, loves and supports both personally and professionally.” However, the proceedings alleged that the relationship eventually “fallen into abuse, abuse of power, or sexual harassment.”

The proceedings were “full of vicious fabrications and a tactic designed to distract McDade’s misconduct by desecrating others,” Hashmall said earlier. It won’t work. “According to Hashmall, the city fired McDade-Dickens after allegations of fraud and criminal activity were highlighted.

Judge Mulls Fate of Some of Woman’s Claims Against Inglewood, Mayor – Los Angeles Sentinel | Los Angeles Sentinel Source link Judge Mulls Fate of Some of Woman’s Claims Against Inglewood, Mayor – Los Angeles Sentinel | Los Angeles Sentinel

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