Josh Duggar’s Aunt Says Nephew is Guilty, in Major Need of “Psychological Help”

Another relative of Josh Duggar has spoken of his imprisonment.

Aunt Deanna, the convicted sex offender, spoke to The Sun on Friday, revealing for the first time since Josh’s verdict and subsequent verdict exactly where he is in relation to his nephew.

Simply said?

He knows Duggar illegally downloaded juvenile graphic material from his workplace computer – he just thinks he did because something was wrong with his head.

“I think he’s guilty. I think he should get help to really find out what’s going on.” Deanna told this outletadding:

“Find out what caused all this and get the psychological help he needed.”

Jim Bob Dugggar’s sister, who was known to cover up her son’s own siblings when Josh was a young teenager, Deanna continued her family history in a little more detail.

“My father had serious mental health problems. It could have passed to Josh. I don’t know, “he told The Sun.

Josh was sentenced to more than 12 years in a federal prison last week.

He was found guilty in December of downloading hundreds of images and videos to his workplace computer in 2019, all of whom had children under the age of 12.

According to federal agents and forensic experts, at least one of these videos contained Rape of an 18-month-old.

What can even be said about such horror?

Prior to his arrest, Duggar admitted to touching his siblings inappropriately when he was about 13 – and also admitted in 2015 that he had betrayed his wife with women he met online.

There have apparently been signs for some time.

Josh Duggar is a very restless person.

“I was very upset about everything that has happened,” Deanna told The Sun this week about these scandals.

“I was told different things. It’s a really complicated situation when you are told one thing and something else happens.”

In connection with the arrest in April 2021?

“I looked at our local news and heard that domestic security stopped at Josh’s parking lot. I called one of the family members and asked if it was true, and they said, “No, they just stopped.”

“Domestic security is not just stopping.”

No, they don’t.

And at this point, it should be clear that Josh’s family members cannot be trusted.

“I was trying to understand it. What the hell is going on?” Deanna continued on Friday.

“I was told it was a former scammer [who downloaded the child pornography.] I was still trying to figure it out. They had too much evidence against my nephew. It breaks my heart because I don’t understand his thinking. “

Neither Josh nor his parents have said anything in public since last month’s verdict.

But a few of Josh’s siblings have talked.

Jill Duggar and her husband issued a particularly sharp statement.

“While some believe that Josh should have received a greater judgment, and even fewer believe that he should have received a lesser judgment, God has avenged his unspeakable criminal actions,” it reads.

It decides as follows:

For the time being, he has not yet been held liable to the extent necessary to change his dangerous behavior.

It’s unfortunate, but it looks like it might take more than a decade to spend in federal prison and even more probation before Josh has the potential to recover to the point where he can live in society again safely.

Hopefully Josh can really start getting treatment and start working towards a lifestyle where he is unlikely to commit crimes again.

If nothing else, it is hoped that awareness of this case has helped to intimidate potential offenders and protect children by reducing the demand for CSAM.

We still love Josh and his family and will support them whenever we can.

Josh Duggar’s Aunt Says Nephew is Guilty, in Major Need of “Psychological Help” Source link Josh Duggar’s Aunt Says Nephew is Guilty, in Major Need of “Psychological Help”

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