Josh Duggar Will NEVER Be Rehabilitated by Enabling Relatives, Prosecution Argues

We are only days away Hearing on the verdict of Josh Duggar.

The prosecutor, like most of the moral world, is asking that this dangerous creep take no more than 20 years.

Meanwhile, Josh’s closest relatives, including his mother and his wife, are asking the court to release him with a five-year sentence.

While “5 years” is the kind of phrase that makes Josh’s ears cheer, the prosecutor blows up his supporters.

Josh Duggar has been convicted of receiving and possessing material on child sexual abuse known as CSAM.

This is important to emphasize, because after the case was so thoroughly proven in painful detail in court, his guilt is not in doubt.

The courts must now decide whether Josh should go home to a family full of children in a few years, or whether he will remain locked up for as long as the law allows.

When the court is held on May 25, Josh’s team will only ask for five years.

His wife, who looks so hopelessly brainwashed that she can see no path ahead of her other than endless devotion to her, asked the judge for mercy in her letter.

Josh’s mother Michelle, who is at least partly responsible for who and what she is because she raised her in a cult, asked for the same in his own letter.

This week, the prosecutor responded to this ridiculous request and took a look at the allegations made in the letters and their authors.

“He claims the authors are‘ extremely supportive, though fully aware of his beliefs[s]””, prosecutors pointed out Sun.

“And that this” will help her get the most out of the rest of her life and work hard to make sure her children’s lives are affected as little as possible by “her CSAM business,” they continued.

As we reported earlier, Josh’s lingering supporters blamed his horrific crimes for the “challenges” that followed his reality TV reputation.

However, the prosecutor says these fragile excuses “only underscore the appropriateness of the government ‘s sentencing recommendations.

Prosecutors claim, “His supportive family and public and privileged lifestyle make his criminal behavior even more confusing.”

“Despite gaining some level of fame through reality TV as an adult,” the prosecutor pointed out.

The response went on: “He is better known at this point for his behavior outside of the family performance.”

The prosecutor pointed out that this “including his sexual inappropriateness and criminal sexual behavior.”

The prosecutor could not help but notice (like the rest of us) that all these bursting letters asking for pardon rejected the nature of Josh’s crimes.

Nor did they become familiar with his past exploitation of little girls in person, which the prosecutor called his “sexual predisposition to adolescent girls.”

Prosecutors argue that it is unlikely that Josh could get responsibility or help from a family that can’t even discuss his crimes – which, of course, has happened in the past.

“In fact, given the apparent success of his prosecution tactics with some of the individuals he intends to surround himself with after his release from prison,” the prosecutor noted.

“It’s not just unlikely – it’s impossible,” the legal response continued that Josh would be rehabilitated and prevented from committing recidivism.

The prosecutor admitted that Josh’s verdict “will no doubt be reflected in his close relatives,” but this is almost always the case – and in this rare case, probably a good thing.

Josh Duggar Will NEVER Be Rehabilitated by Enabling Relatives, Prosecution Argues Source link Josh Duggar Will NEVER Be Rehabilitated by Enabling Relatives, Prosecution Argues

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