Josh Duggar TERRIFIED of Prison, Afraid He May Be Killed

Josh Duggar no longer has a father to save him.

A pedophile convicted Tuesday morning was transferred from a detention center in Arkansas to a federal prison in Texas.

More specifically, the former reality star is a prisoner at the FCI Seagoville in Dallas.

He is one of more than 1,700 people being held in this prison, which rose to national headlines in August 2020, when 75 percent of those inmates were diagnosed with COVID-19 and three died.

However, Duggar is not known to be infected with this virus.

He Ishowever, I feared death and / or suffering for some other reason… In Touch Weekly, at least.

“Although Seagoville is poorly secured and is not known for violence against prisoners, it is happening,” an insider told the tabloid late Wednesday, adding Josh:

“And he sticks to what other criminals and prisoners despise: the child sex offender.”

A cup shot after the verdict by Josh DuggarA cup shot after the verdict by Josh Duggar

As it turns out, about 40% of the inmates in this prison were found guilty of sex crimes.

Duggar is, of course, the best known of these criminals, and his crime is as cruel and disgusting as it can be.

A jury of Duggar’s peers ruled in December that Josh had uploaded an endless set of videos and photos – all of which were sexually sensible and all had children under the age of 12.

As a result?

“No one here pity him,” the same In Touch the source said from Duggar.

Josh Duggar is the worstJosh Duggar is the worst

During his time at Seagoville Josh is not allowed to have marriage appointments with his wife Anna Duggar.

In fact, the only physical contact he can make with visitors is “handshake, hugs and kisses (in good taste),” according to the prison agency’s website.

These visitors are allowed on a strict schedule as prisoners are given a monthly points system that limits the number of visits they are allowed.

All visitors must be on the prisoner’s list of approved visitors, they must be searched and must follow a detailed list of rules of conduct and conduct.

Josh Duggar close upJosh Duggar close up

Another In Touch mole, for his part, said this week that Duggar took “completely for granted” and continued bitterly:

“Of all the holy shit he spit out of forgiveness and of the changed man, see where it led him.”

Josh’s new “reality” of life in Seagoville has “stepped in,” the same source added.

“Now he knows what the hell really is.”

Josh Duggar ThrowbackJosh Duggar Throwback

What else do we know about this prison?

  • Meals are served café-style in the inmates ’dining room at certain times.
  • Prisoners are allowed to use certain personal items such as playing cards, books and stamps.
  • Incoming mail is monitored and “protected from smuggling in accordance with the instructions of the Prison Administration.

The Walsh Act, passed by Congress in 2006, “also requires that all prisoners who have committed sexual offenses be reviewed and evaluated prior to release.”

According to the assessment, “those at high risk of committing new sexual offenses will face civil justice after their current sentence expires.”

Josh Duggar and Anna DuggarJosh Duggar and Anna Duggar

Despite his good behavior, Josh has been behind these tents for at least 10.5 years.

All in all, Anna is somehow there waiting for her when she is released.

“Let us trust our faith to meet the challenges ahead,” we said earlier, quoting someone who described the mother of seven as “strong and determined” and concluded:

“Anna’s family, Kellers, has gathered around her, but she’s still close to the Duggars, too. He has not turned his back on his in-laws. “



Josh Duggar TERRIFIED of Prison, Afraid He May Be Killed Source link Josh Duggar TERRIFIED of Prison, Afraid He May Be Killed

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