Josh Duggar Has “Sexual Proclivities Toward Prepubescent Girls,” Prosecution Explains to Judge

A week before Josh Duggar is convicted of juvenile delinquency, the prosecutor in his case has filed a couple of applications with the Western Federal Court of Arkansas in Fayetteville.

These lawyers did so in response to Duggar’s defense team, which had issued its own verdict and issued its own verdict on May 11th.

The lawyers for the convicted sexual exploiter wrote in this memo that their clients only deserves to serve five years inside.

In response, prosecutors are now trying to shoot down the arguments of their opponents – a point about a ridiculous point.

For example:

Earlier this month, the defense opposed Josh’s workload of material downloaded from his computer as a “sadist” or “masochist,” apparently trying to downplay photos and videos found on this device.

However, in a government application on May 18, it was stated that “Duggar uploaded several videos describing just that,” and continues with a detailed description of certain files … including some containing “undeniably sadistic beatings” of young girls.

“Duggar isn’t trying to wrestle with this evidence or the dominant precedent,” the show points out. “And his objection should be rejected in the court document.”

As previously reported, the video shown during the Duggar trial was filmed Rape of an 18-month-old.

The defense, for its part, has claimed that Duggar uploaded 127 images, while the prosecutor has stated on several occasions that the total was in fact more than 600.

Elsewhere, Josh’s lawyers opposed Duggar’s use of his past against him and quoted a supposedly “unreliable afternoon newspaper report” allegations that Duggar harassed children while he was a teenager.

The thing is that… Duggar confessed to his beating in 2015 children while she was a teenager, including her own sisters.

Funny (and let’s face it, depressingly), prosecutors wrote in their protest that these cases “confirmed his own father ‘s complacent testimony”.

Indeed, Jim Bob Duggar testified at his son’s trial and had to discuss at the time how he helped cover up Duggar’s horrific crimes all the time ago.

Speaking of Josh’s family members … the defense came up next Letters written by Michelle Duggar and Anna Duggar claims that Josh is a “dedicated father of the family” and also a “man of faith.”

These letters claim that Josh deserves a mild judgment.

However, the prosecutor strongly opposes these classifications of sexual exploiters.

Its official response even relates to the fact that Duggar himself has stated that he “grew up” in front of television cameras “and seems to suggest that his crimes” are related to the challenges of being a child whose daily life is viewed and watched by the public. , in some cases criticized by the media and completely unknown people. “


Josh has tried to blame his pedophilia for battles he may face in the spotlight.

And the prosecutor simply did NOT have it, but responded with a text that deserves emphasis as such:

These arguments merely underline the appropriateness of the Government’s recommendation for a judgment.

Indeed, his supportive family and publicity and privileged lifestyle make his criminal behavior even more confusing.

Despite gaining some fame through reality TV as an adult, he is now better known for his behavior outside of his family program, including his sexual inappropriateness and criminal sexual behavior.

More importantly, none of these letters relate to her crimes or her sexual inclinations to pre-adolescent girls.

At least one suggests that the “enemies” threatened by his “silent presentation of his conservative values” target him while promoting his impossible theory that an “unscrupulous young man” set him up.

Many others generally describe his verdict as an unfortunate coincidence – something that has simply confronted him despite his best efforts to avoid it.

That is exactly the problem.

Because Duggar does not acknowledge his crimes and his need to address his demonstrated and long-standing sexual interest in children, it is unlikely that he will ever see his beliefs as anything other than evidence that he needs to be more cautious and mysterious. the next time he engages in activities involving the sexual exploitation of children.

Simply put, this last paragraph argues that it is likely that Josh will try to commit new sex offenses whenever he is released from prison.

The government referred to studies showing that sex offenders are “four times more likely than other violent criminals to re-offend”.

The application ended with a request to the court to set aside the defense group’s objections.

That again recommended a maximum sentence of 20 years.

We will find out the extent of Josh Duggar’s punishment on May 25th.

Josh Duggar Has “Sexual Proclivities Toward Prepubescent Girls,” Prosecution Explains to Judge Source link Josh Duggar Has “Sexual Proclivities Toward Prepubescent Girls,” Prosecution Explains to Judge

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