Josh Duggar Defense Team Rests (Already): What Comes Next?

We are very close to learning the fate of Josh Duggar.

On Tuesday afternoon, a former reality star defense team withdrew the proceedings after calling two witnesses to the stand.

1. Daniel Wilcox, a former Homeland Security Investigator and Police Officer who was involved in the execution of an investigation warrant in Josh’s used car lot in 2019.

2. Arizona-based digital forensics expert Michele Bush investigated a small number of devices confiscated from Duggar over two years ago.

Wilcox briefly elaborated on how he sneaked in as a sponsor at the aforementioned car dealership in Arkansaw to check the location and meet Josh in person.

However, Bush was cross-examined by the prosecution this morning. The prosecution worked to undermine her credibility as a defense witness.

The day before, Bush testified that the remote download of sexual graphics material on Josh’s computer was a “feasible possibility” … almost anyone could do it. Opened the door to possibilities.

She also wondered why federal agents did not seize the router from Dagger’s workplace.

But on Tuesday, the prosecution basically tore Bush.

beginningIn her introduction as the first witness of defense, Bush claimed she had 10 years of experience as a forensic inspector.

However, prosecutor William Clayman pointed out that Bush had not graduated from college until 2015.

The secondClayman asked if Bush was previously a witness in a federal trial, hoping to cast doubt on her expertise at this level in the jury’s eyes.

“You need to look at your resume,” Bush replied.

The thirdFurther questions from the prosecution eventually forced Bush to admit that he had never taken a Linux-specific course or had been trained in the TorrentialDownpour software used by law enforcement agencies. ..

In other words?

She wasn’t particularly familiar with the software used by the authorities to prove that Duggar had downloaded it. Various nasty videos..

the 4thBush confirmed that he had never heard of an interview with Dagger on the day the investigation warrant was executed at a car dealership in Springdale in November 2019.

In addition, she has never been to a lot of cars … does not know business hours … and did not look up business-related information when inspecting confiscated electronics.

She was told she could leave the stand after the defense team had another chance to deal with Bush via a redirect.

And this is when the defense has taken a break from the proceedings.

On Wednesday morning, both legal parties will make closing arguments, after which the case will be handed over to a jury for deliberation.

This means that a verdict may be given as early as Wednesday afternoon.

This means that the verdict will almost certainly be given before the end of the week.

Dagger was arrested in April on two charges of possessing child pornography.

His lawyer tried to be acquitted on Monday based on inadequate evidence, The judge dismissed this motion..

If fully convicted, Josh could face a delay of up to 40 years.

Josh Duggar Defense Team Rests (Already): What Comes Next? Source link Josh Duggar Defense Team Rests (Already): What Comes Next?

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