Joseph Kahn appointed executive editor of New York Times

The New York Times has promoted veteran journalist Joseph Kahn to succeed Dean Bucket to the top job in one of the world’s largest newsrooms.

Kahn, a two-time Pulitzer Prize winner and Bucket’s deputy for the past five years, was expected to succeed him as senior editor.

It will take over the newsroom while the company boasts the world’s largest online subscription base for news. But he will face a polarized audience that has become distrustful of the news media, while promoting an ambitious plan to add millions more digital subscribers.

Kahn, known from the inside as more reserved than Beckett, said Because ensuring public trust “in a time of polarization and partisanship” was one of his top priorities.

The 57-year-old will take the reins on June 14, marking the end of an eight-year term during which Beckett, NYT’s first black editor, oversaw coverage of Donald Trump’s rise and a one-time event. An epidemic of the century.

“Dean has fearlessly led the Times through an incredibly challenging and significant period,” said AG Sulzberger, NYT publisher and chairman. Salzberger said Beck would stay at the paper to “lead a new and exciting venture,” but did not provide details.

Kahn attended Harvard, where he succeeded former CNN president Jeff Zucker as head of the university’s newspaper, The Crimson.

“Joe was very distant and hard to read, he didn’t even look you in the eye. But obviously he was the smartest guy in the room – in a room full of people who thought they were brilliant – and an amazing journalist,” a former Crimson colleague said.

Kahn then took Mandarin lessons and moved to China, where he worked for the Wall Street Journal before joining the NYT in 1998. For the past two decades, Kahn has been promoted from NYT’s Beijing Chamber of Deputies to managing director in 2016. He also received credit with the paper direction for a more digital editing structure.

During Bucket’s tenure, the New York Times won 18 Pulitzer Prizes and soared financially by adding millions of subscribers, helping its stock market value to triple to more than $ 7 billion. Along the way the group expanded its scope from a newspaper to a diverse media company, selling subscriptions to its cooking and gaming products and processing stories into series and documentaries.

The company in February reached 10 million subscribers after the acquisition Athletic, Sports news site. It is targeting 15 million subscribers by 2027.

Kahn said: “I am very humiliated to lead a global newsroom of incredibly talented journalists who provide original, in-field coverage, vital to the most important news of our time. The New York Times will continue to play a vital role in producing and defending an independent press.”

Joseph Kahn appointed executive editor of New York Times Source link Joseph Kahn appointed executive editor of New York Times

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