Jordan Campbell puts on another strong performance in win over LIU

Jordan Campbell of Fresno State University, Fresno, who performed powerfully on Tuesday, did it again on Friday night, showing off a flash of potential head coaches Justin Hutson saw in the off-season.

Campbell said it was his third season of the season, but the difference with his game was to make it easier and leave the game to him.

After catching a rebound from the shark’s three-pointer that the dog missed, guard Anthony Holland found Campbell in the third corner. His offensive influence was at every end of the stream. Campbell then continued several plays with the help of Gemar Baker.

In his next play, Baker returned to Campbell with help for his own layup. Campbell was substituted to rest, but a few minutes later he returned to make another three-pointer for the dog.

Campbell led the team to win LIU 84-60 on Friday night at the Savemart Center.

After adding another layup to the statistics sheet, Campbell had the game highlights with an Alley-oop pass to Braxton Mee in the middle of the post. Campbell finished the game with 15 points and shot 3 to 6 and 6 to 11 overall.

Campbell, who played against Fresno Pacific on Wednesday night, electrified two sunbirds on the benches of fans and bulldogs, so it’s definitely the second match that Campbell had taken the show. not.

But on Friday, he showed his aggressive range beyond driving with his athletic ability.

Fresno State University security guard Jordan Campbell will dunk the ball in the second half against Fresno Pacific at the Savemart Center on Tuesday, November 9th. (Melina Kazanzian / The Collegian)

“People are afraid of my first step, so they let me shoot it,” Campbell said. “They didn’t want to drive me away and angle, so I just had to slow down, take a deep breath and shoot the ball.

Head coach Justin Hatson described how this is the first full summer with Campbell’s team.

After playing the Fall 2018 semester at Oregon State University, he transferred to Fresno State University and was thrown into game speed the next semester. His second season in a “dog” uniform was shortened due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so Hatson did so much under such circumstances that he should be surprised at his improvement. Told.

Campbell exceeded the score and ended the game with seven rebounds and three assists.

“My goal on the team is to try to do everything,” Campbell said. “So I feel like I’m slowly stepping into that role and trying to improve it from game to game, because that’s what my team needs to win.”

The shark has won a jump ball to start the game. LIU was the first to own and missed the first shot attempt from the 3-point line. Fresno State University also missed the first three points in the next play. LIU responded with an and one layup shortly after Campbell made the first shot of the game, converting free throws as well.

The dog ran 19-3, although it seemed to be a front-to-back match. This will be the biggest lead in the game as the three points from Campbell will be 22-6 with about 10 minutes remaining in the first half.

But defensively, the Fresno State 2-3 zone had collapsed as LIU began to take the lead. Appeared in the top scorers of Sharks, Forward Tyrn Flowers and Eral Penn. They used pick and roll to collapse the zone, and when the “dog” big didn’t step up across the arc, the sharks forced them to pay at 3 points.

The flower finished at 26 points and shot 6/14 from the 3-point line, 10/20 overall. Penn finished the game with 15 points and shot 3 to 4 to 8.

“Obviously, we were disappointed with the big lead we had and we let go,” Hatson said. “Right? But put on a hat for them too. They made some tough shots.”

Hatson was clearly frustrated and screaming about it when the dog was messed up. From the bench, when he heard his aggressive coaching style when the player wasn’t in the right position and the team wasn’t playing well, Hatson encouraged the player to understand it.

By the end of the first half, LIU had reduced the lead to 7, with Fresno leading 41-34. Fresno State University wiped out defenses in the second half. The bulldog started moving the ball and found Openman.

During the first play of the second half, Fresno State University continued to swing the ball in search of the best option until it landed in the Dutch hand with three pointers.

The sharks still counterattacked with their shooting, but the team’s involvement was nowhere compared to the dog. Fresno State University finished the game with a total of 15 assists, and LIU finished with 5 assists.

Bulldog forwards Orlando Robinson and Isaia Hill dominated the attack. After making a 3 from the Netherlands, Robinson caught a rebound from a LIU miss and finished the layup on the other side of the court.

Orlando Robinson, a forward at Fresno State University, Fresno, was the highest scorer for the “dog”, scoring 17 points against LIU Shark at the Savemart Center on Friday, November 12th. (Melina Kazanjian / The Collegian)

The shark was forced to foul him on most possession posts because of his size and strength. In his next play at Fresno State University, Robinson was fouled, making both free throws and increasing his lead to 46-34 with about 20 minutes remaining.

Fresno State University locked down LIU as the shark remained unscored for the first three minutes of the second half.

Robinson scored again after getting an aggressive rebound, and Hill took advantage of the bulldog’s stealing with a three-pointer in transition.

Robinson was the top bulldog scorer with 17 points. He also won double-double by dominating the board with the best 18 rebounds of his career. Hill tied Campbell at 15 at the dog’s second-most point. Hill also had three assists, two rebounds and shot 50% off the field.

LIU was unable to handle the attack power combined with the lockdown defense due to the efficient performance of the starter in the second half. After a free throw from the Netherlands with about eight and a half minutes remaining, the dog’s second largest lead was 73-49.

“I couldn’t be proud of the five guys that came out in the second half. I need the whole team, but five guys decided to start,” Hatson said of the five starters.

Fresno State University did not stop the fight until the clock expired with an 84-60 victory.Idaho Bandals will be held at Savemart Center at 7pm on Monday

Jordan Campbell puts on another strong performance in win over LIU Source link Jordan Campbell puts on another strong performance in win over LIU

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