Johnny Depp Claps Back at Amber Heard: I Should’ve Sued You For Even More!

It has been six weeks since the jury returned the verdict in the case Johnny Depp v. Amber Heard defamation lawsuit.

But the battle between these dueling exes shows no signs of letting up.

In fact, Depp and Heard may soon find themselves back in court, re-enacting the drama that has captivated America for nearly three months.

Earlier today, we reported the news that Heard is asking for a mistrial.

Heard-Depp 2022

This is what the actor’s lawyers claim one of the jurors at the trial was not who he claimed to be.

They say the juror who appeared in court and helped reach the verdict was not the 77-year-old who was invited, but a much younger relative with the same last name and address.

Clearly, if the lawyers can prove this (and they say they can), they would have sufficient grounds for a retrial.

Amber Heard on trialAmber Heard on trial

But in case their efforts to expose the fraudulent jurors fail, Heard’s lawyers will attack the legality of the verdict from other angles as well.

One of those perspectives is the argument that the amount awarded by the jury was excessive and therefore should be overturned by the judge.

As you probably know, Depp sued Heard for $50 million in damages, but was only awarded $10.35 million in damages.

Depp vs. HeardDepp vs. Heard

Heard’s $100 million counterclaim resulted in her being awarded $2 million in damages.

Still, she owes a whopping $8.35 million to Depp, an amount Heard’s lawyers say she can’t pay.

So, in a way, Team Heard is hedging their bets:

Johnny Depp goes to courtJohnny Depp goes to court

They’re hoping for a new trial, but in the meantime they’re working to at least get the damages reduced.

But according to a new report From TMZ, Johnny’s lawyers have already responded with a filing that proves exactly why Amber should have had to pay a lot more in damages.

Depp’s lawyers say that after Heard posted The Washington Post essay in which he identified himself as a victim of domestic violence, Depp did not receive a single offer from a studio for more than two years.

Johnny Depp is in courtJohnny Depp is in court

In addition, they say that he negotiated the star in the sixth installment of the series Pirates of the Caribbean franchise that would have cost $22.5 million.

Depp’s lawyers claim that talks stopped when Heard published her essay.

It seems that Team Depp is well prepared to argue that the amount Heard is paying is not excessive.

Johnny Depp smokes, dressesJohnny Depp smokes, dresses

Of course, there is much more at stake here than just monetary damages.

Depp and Heard are both fighting for their careers, knowing that any major studio might consider the loser of this case out of a job.

Of course, given the number of accusations these two have against each other, it’s possible that neither of them will act again regardless of how things go in court.

Whatever the case may be, whatever roles they take on in the future, This is certainly the drama from which both actors are best remembered.

Johnny Depp Claps Back at Amber Heard: I Should’ve Sued You For Even More! Source link Johnny Depp Claps Back at Amber Heard: I Should’ve Sued You For Even More!

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