Joey King transforms into bloody warrior in Hulu’s ‘The Princess’

NEW YORK – The princess in Hulu “The Princess” is not the usual story of a beautiful girl. It’s more “Kill Bill” and “The Raid” mixed with a little Rapunzel.

In fact, the princess has no name, at least as far as we know. She is referred to as “The Princess” everywhere.

Joey King plays the title character and says she took her training seriously, doing about 85-90% of all her own stunts.

“I had two stuntmen, Desi and Jade, and they were the best,” King said. “They trained me every day when I went to the gym. The best thing for them, yes, their job is there when I can’t do anything and when they have to come in and play me. But these women were so supportive, so empowering. “They wanted me to do what I could, they really lifted me up and supported me.”

A beautiful princess begins, engaged to a psychopathic prince, engaged to an agreement made by her father, the king.

We watch as her once stunning wedding dress transforms into a battle dress.

“Our costume department killed it in this dress and the different shapes this dress takes,” King said.

The princess has to go down to a huge tower, slaughtering killer guards along the way.
“She’s tough, she fights dirty, she just wants to get the job done,” King said.

How did she become such a tough fighter? It is a question that the film answers through “Lin”, her friend, royal servant and trainer played by Ng Thanh Vn.

Director Le-Van Kiet says he appreciated the warmth and heart that King brought to the role, a role originally written for a different type of actor.

“She wanted that in the action figure on the nose, probably like a 5’11 woman who knows MMA,” Kiet said.

Can she maintain her freedom, save her father and family right to the throne, and keep those she loves from losing their lives in the process?

Find out in the Hulu stream “The Princess” on July 1st.

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Joey King transforms into bloody warrior in Hulu’s ‘The Princess’ Source link Joey King transforms into bloody warrior in Hulu’s ‘The Princess’

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