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COSTA MESA – Joey Bosa’s brother, Nick, broke the news in March that the Chargers had switched to Khalil Mack. The senior Bosa was impressed and excited with his new teammate, but not enough to disrupt his training.

“Wow,” Joey recalled, telling Nick, the top runner in the 49ers Pro Bowl. “Let’s work now.”

Disciplined Joey Bosa rarely breaks with his training routine, but could not ignore the many calls from Chargers’ onboard rushers coach Giff Smith, who pushed Bosa to cut his personal low-season program in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Bosa’s first day with his many new defensive teammates was not Tuesday for the start of the Chargers’ forced mini-camp. The first sight of Bosa and Mack together was two weeks ago for team volunteer training, something Bosa has been in the habit of skipping in recent years.

Many Chargers players have said that this year has a different look and feel, and the early arrival of Bosa this low season has confirmed this. Mack’s successful change was the first of many moves this low season to renew the Chargers’ defense, then adding cornerbacks JC Jackson and Bryce Callahan, defensive linemen Sebastian Joseph-Day and Austin Johnson, and versatile defender Kyle Van Noy.

“Lots of calls from Coach Giff,” said Bosa, who is entering his seventh season with the Chargers. “He was a little inflexible in that he wanted me here just to be with the team and feel more comfortable with the scheme, and I hesitated a little bit, but being out here, it’s great to be with everyone. It’s hard, when you’re in a routine all over the country, throw yourself into it and make that flight, but a couple of fantastic weeks have passed.

“We all feel and see, as a team, that we have a chance. Looking at last year’s playoffs, last year I felt like anyone could do it whenever I got in there. Now, we’ve added some great pieces to the team. I think we all have the feeling that if we unite and give the best of ourselves, we can take this to the end. “

Bosa and Mack soon began their new partnership, one that has the potential to be dominant and disruptive for opposing quarterbacks in 2022. They acclimatized and were seen exchanging points on the field side.

The dynamic fast-paced duo provided a preview when they stood on opposite sides for team drills. It wasn’t at full speed, but it was enough for Chargers coach Brandon Staley to know that his new top runner had settled.

“I can say that Khalil has confidence in the tasks,” said Staley, who coached Mack with the Chicago Bears in 2018 as a position coach. “Yes, he played in our defense in 2018. That defense is very different from what it is now, but there are many similarities in terms of techniques and a lot of language is similar.

“I can tell when Khalil is confident, when he gets into that family position that I know very well. What has been this spring is putting him in a comfort zone so that on the training ground he can improve as I know he will.”

Mack has been with the Chargers for most of the low-season program, but has been limited in training as a precaution against a foot injury that forced him to miss the last 10 games with the Bears last season.

“It’s soft, man,” Mack said on his foot. “Soft. I’m not going to give a very detailed update, but I’ll be ready.”

Bosa, 26, said Mack, 31, set the standard for him when he first entered the NFL as a rookie in 2016. Mack quickly established himself as an elite runner after the Raiders recruited him in 2014. a total of 134.5 catches and 10 Pro Bowl appearances.

But Mack has also been an admirer of Bosa, saying he is impressed with the way he uses his hands and his power to win his clashes.

“It’s true,” Bosa said after being asked if it was flattering to receive praise from a player of Mack’s caliber. “He’s the guy I feel like, from the beginning, he was one of the guys I looked at and he said, ‘Dang, do I have to compare myself to these guys? I can’t do that. But obviously I worked hard to get to that point. I think that we complemented each other very well.We rushed very differently, so we were bouncing ideas from each other, just talking about technique because we really have two very different styles of running.

“Obviously we’re not going to completely change what we do, but if we could learn something here and there from each other, just an experienced guy like that, I’m really excited to go out there and see what it’s like. Together.”


The safety of the loaders, Derwin James, took part in individual and team drills, but when the level of competition increased to 7 against 7, James was remarkably on the sidelines.

Staley revealed on Tuesday that James underwent shoulder surgery after the 2021 season, but added that James’ limitations in off-season training were for precautionary reasons and did not express concern about his health.

“Derwin didn’t participate in any of the 7 vs. 7 this spring because he came out of labrum surgery,” Staley said. “We wanted to make sure he stayed out of all the competitive 7-on-7s. He did all the individual work. Now he wants me to do all the 7-on-7s, but he was on all things from our 11-to-11 team.

“But again, it was more caution. If you know anything about Derwin, it killed him that he wasn’t out there, for sure.”

James participated in the Pro Bowl in February and was soon operated on in his left shoulder. He injured his shoulder for the first time in September against the Kansas City Chiefs, when he parted his shoulder in the second quarter before returning for the second half.


Newcomer Kyle Van Noy will also be part of the Chargers’ talented group of top runners, but this Tuesday he trained with the inside linebackers.

Joey Bosa, Khalil Mack get head start on Chargers’ defensive dominance – Press Telegram Source link Joey Bosa, Khalil Mack get head start on Chargers’ defensive dominance – Press Telegram

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