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Since suddenly marrying his wife Miya, jockey Kyle Frey has taken a new look at life. Welcometing a daughter to the world will do it to a man.

Skyler, 10 months old, settled 29-year-old Frey in one place. No more traveling nationwide to Parx Racing, Monmouth Park, Atlantic City, Penn National, Delaware and other tracks.

“I moved around a lot,” Frey said this week in a break from his success at the Del Mar Racetrack. “I wasn’t very committed to one place long enough to develop it.”

He wants to change all of this by making the Circuit Court of Southern California his permanent home. Probably by the beginning of Santa Anita’s 2021-22 winter and spring meetings, if not now.

“Now I have a 10-month-old daughter, so I can calculate more about movement,” Frey said. “It’s not about me anymore. It’s about her and my wife.”

Frey’s move to Southern California is proceeding at a slightly faster pace after a quick start at Delmar. Natives in Northern California initially planned to board only on seaside trucks over the weekend and return to Golden Gate Fields. He won with a high 26% clip, beating Evin Roman 117-90.

“That was the original plan,” Frey said of a short trip to Delmar. From there, a lot of people approached my agent (about my stay).

“I didn’t expect this at this point. Maybe I was thinking more about next season (Santa Anita 2021-22). Let’s see how I behave in Delmar. Let’s take a look at Santa Anita (the autumn tournament starting October 1st). When you gain that momentum, sometimes you just have to ride the waves and see where it crashes. . ”

Frey was fifth in the ranking of Jockey Delmar with eight wins (23%) for the fourth week of the tournament on Thursday. We are currently planning to ride here until the end of the season on September 6th.

Beyond that, he states, “At this point, nothing is actually a stone.”

Avid race observers may conclude that Santa Anita’s three-day race week may discourage Frey from moving south, as opposed to Golden Gate’s four-day week. He said it didn’t matter. He is more interested in field size than anything else.

“At Delmar, you can get more horses,” Frey said. “It’s a little easier for a man to slip in and steal a race. I find it easier to ride in a wider field. In a small field, if you’re riding a competitive horse, a man will look for you and target you. In fact it’s very easy to ride two horses. In larger areas, you blend in more and people don’t see you coming until it’s too late. ”

But again, family is the deciding factor.

“The biggest thing would be my wife’s comfort zone,” he said. “That’s what I consider above all.”

Frey won the Eclipse Award as a top apprentice in 2011 after winning his first race at the Golden Gate in 2010. His late grandfather, Paul Frey, was also a talented jockey while riding the California and Washington circuits in the 1960s. He became the second jockey to win more than 100 races at the Long Acres when he won 103 times in the 62-day tournament in 1964.

“He was a talented jockey in itself,” Frey said.

Frey has missed a lot of time due to injury since he got his license. He said he was most proud of this year’s consistency. This is a feature he believes to be a top jockey.

“This year was a very consistent year,” he said. “For the past year, what I’ve really focused on is consistency. That’s where the champion is separated from just your normal person. The champion is always there. You Even if you don’t win, you’re improving your horse, or you’re constantly moving forward. Now, you’re improving the consistency of mounts, calculations, and so on. ”

Jockey Kyle Frey liking Southern California and might stay awhile – Press Enterprise Source link Jockey Kyle Frey liking Southern California and might stay awhile – Press Enterprise

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