Jinger Duggar Makes Major Announcement (No, She Isn’t Pregnant. Yet.)

Let’s go ahead and get this out of the way right away:

Zinger Dagger is not pregnant.

The reality star gave fans a reason to think she and her husband Jeremy had a little more defenseless sexual intercourse-she made fun of a major announcement earlier in the week on Instagram, so the latter sperm is the former egg. Was fertilized.

Zinger is a dagger, isn’t it?

What else did your followers expect? Pregnancy reveals??

Not this, maybe:

“I wrote a book!” Zinger wrote as a caption for a video shared online on Friday, April 9th.

This may explain why couples are a little behind social media.

in spite of Rumors about their marriage status, It looks as if Zinger and Jeremy were just busy-as author.

The next book will be titled Hope We Have: Finding Peace in God’s Promise..

It will be available for reading on May 4th, but at this moment you can pre-order a copy.

“TLC breakout stars Jeremy and Zinger Voolo share their love story, a glimpse of their life behind the scenes, and the hope of driving them every day,” read Amazon’s official account. I’m out.

“Zinger Voolo didn’t have what you would call a typical childhood.

“Jim Bob and Michelle Dagger, the sixth child of 19 years old, grew up in the bright light of her home TV crew and filmed the hit TLC show 19 Kids and Counting.

“Zinger has always been a fan favorite, and now she and her husband Jeremy are the show’s sequel, Count-on Breakout Star.”

This book resembles a memoir, how Zinger grew up, how she and Jeremy found love, and, as you can imagine, where Jesus Christ fits in their lives. It seems that it will show the inside to the reader.

Spoiler Warning:

He plays a big role.

We conclude the overview of Amazon.

At The Hope We Hold, Jeremy and Jinger Vuolo share the highs and lows of a love story.

In the early days when they got to know each other, they open up about their long-distance relationships, and many sleepless nights of their time as new parents.

But through all their stories, just below the surface, interweaving all the victories and trials of their lives is a silver thread of hope.

They do not pretend to have all the answers, but they can promise that Christ has hope for everyone in every step of their lives.

If we just walk with him, we have a legacy of glory, a life richer than we can imagine.

Couples must want this business venture to be much better than them Former business venture..

Would you like to get a copy of the book?

Jinger Duggar Makes Major Announcement (No, She Isn’t Pregnant. Yet.) Source link Jinger Duggar Makes Major Announcement (No, She Isn’t Pregnant. Yet.)

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