Jessica Seewald Rocks Revealing Crop Top & SUPER Short Shorts Following Scandalous Divorce!

Obviously, the big dagger news these days is mostly relevant Josh Duggar arrested on suspicion of child pornography..

However, the family is so large and its members are so crude that there are always multiple scandals at once.

for example, Jessica Seewald’s recent divorce..

Jessica is a sister of Jessa Dagger’s husband, Ben Seewald, and has recently rivaled her cousin Amy to earn the title of the greatest rebel in the expanded Dagger clan.

If you are totally familiar with the family belief system, you know that divorce is strictly forbidden in the Daggers world.

When doing so Jessica split from her husband Dwight Lester After only two years of marriage, both her family and members of her religious community responded to shock and fear.

Nevertheless Jessica quoted abuse and neglect As a reason for her declaration, it is unlikely that anyone in her family will sympathize with her plight.

“Continuous verbal quarrels create a very intolerable home environment and cause great emotional confusion for me,” read a document submitted by Jessica’s lawyer.

“The financial burden from the beginning of marriage due to insufficient financial management on the part of the defendant.”

Despite that horrifying explanation of her husband’s behavior, Jessica has probably been shunned by those closest to her lately.

Perhaps that’s why she suddenly feels so rebellious.

If you’ve been following the Duggar family for a long time, you’re probably familiar with the infamous ones. Dagger dress code..

Women in the community are forced to adhere to what Dagger calls “modest clothing.”

This means a floor-length skirt and loose, flowing tops that don’t show the shape underneath, even when engaged in sports or other outdoor activities.

As you can see from her latest Instagram photo, Jessica no longer adheres to those sinister rules.

For example, the photo below violates almost all restrictions in the Duggar rulebook.

Crop tops and shorts are pretty standard summer outfits in the sane regions of the world, but this is the kind of outfit you can forever ban from Daggerville.

Other Duggar women are rebelling against Duggar’s dress code. Zinger Dagger started wearing shortsHowever, this situation is different for at least two reasons.

For one thing, Jessica is far more rebellious than any of her predecessors.

(Zinger, Jessa, and Amy were as rebellious as they might have been in the past, but they’ll never die on a crop top.)

What’s more, Jessica is doing herself without waiting for the man’s permission.

Zinger was only allowed to dress as he pleased after he got married and got permission from her husband.

Conversely, Jessica decided to start wearing more modern clothes. rear She freed herself from the dreaded patriarchal society of the Daggers.

Therefore, it may look like a crop top and shorts to the untrained person.

But for those familiar with the Dagger clan, they are a symbol of freedom.

Jessica Seewald Rocks Revealing Crop Top & SUPER Short Shorts Following Scandalous Divorce! Source link Jessica Seewald Rocks Revealing Crop Top & SUPER Short Shorts Following Scandalous Divorce!

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