Jessica Seewald Cites “Hate, Abuse and Neglect” in Stunning Divorce Filing

As previously reported Jessica Seawold applies for divorce It’s been two years since I got married.

According to several outlets, Yesa Dagger’s sister-in-law chose to end her marriage to Dwight Philip Lester. This is a really shocking development, given that Seewald is very similar to a dagger.

That is:

Because they are strict, conservative and religious, they are strongly frowned upon by the concept of divorce.

So what happened to Zewald to take such an extraordinary step?

The divorce notice obtained by The Sun stated that her and her husband were separated on April 16, 2021.

Jessica also delved into the details behind her decision to leave Dwight.

And, to say the least, they are very annoying.

Seawald seeks a divorce because Leicester “destroys the legitimate purpose of the marriage through personal insults and the plaintiff can no longer live with the defendant as a couple.”

Personal insults in Arkansas divorce applications can include many things.

But in the possibilities?

Making life “unbearable” by the spouse “consistently expressing such rudeness, hatred, abuse, and neglect” to the partner.

To be clear and fair, Jessica herself does not mention this particular action in her filings.

She Is Requests the recovery of her maiden name, Seewald. This means she doesn’t want to get involved with her estranged husband at all.

But she does not call Dwight about cases of abuse.

The couple have no children and Dwight has not yet officially filed a divorce notice.

What is Jessica’s position in relation to her famous sister-in-law?

TLC viewers have seen their confusing relationships unfold on television for years.

For example, I witnessed Seewald trying on a wedding dress when Jessa felt “a little low.”

There was obvious tension when Jessica saw a gown that didn’t fit in with Dagger’s understated dress.

I think we have a slightly different belief about what women should and shouldn’t wear.

As you know at this point, Duggar women are strongly discouraged from wearing pants.

However, Jessica clearly doesn’t follow these guidelines, as she often shows off her crazy fashion on social media.

On earth, Jessica even works as a police officer, which goes against everything the Daggers believe.


Seewald’s divorce notice arrived just one month later. Josh Dagger arrested About the horrifying child pornography sins.

Many observers continue to wonder why Anna Dagger did not seek a divorce from her sneaky husband following the bombing.

She is essentially Brainwashed by a dangerous cult??

Or because she is legal I think Josh is innocent??

We don’t know the answer.

We may never know the answer.

But no matter what Anna does or doesn’t do, everything is incredibly depressing.

Jessica Seewald Cites “Hate, Abuse and Neglect” in Stunning Divorce Filing Source link Jessica Seewald Cites “Hate, Abuse and Neglect” in Stunning Divorce Filing

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