Jeremy Roloff: Caught! Naked! On Wife’s Instagram!

A couple of days ago, social media users were shocked to see Jeremy Roloff’s brand new look.

Former Little People, Big World revealed crew cut online, surprises shaved spectators.

But it was nothing.

This unexpected glance at Roloff was nothing compared to the surprise his wife had just shown to the followers of Instagram Story.

Earlier this week, Audrey and Jeremy were preparing for a family trip and Audrey documented the preparations for anyone interested and she brought the camera close to her face and wrote:

“I have to get on our flight at 5.”

As you can see above, Audrey zoomed in at the beginning of the video.

Later though? After he’s a little off? This happened:

auds and jer


Gives the words “still pack” a very different meaning, right?

It is unclear whether Audrey understood that her husband was behind her and it is not as if we could Really see anything about Jeremy – if you know what we mean.

Damn, the father of three can even be completely covered under his body and stomach.

But then again … he may not be!

For a couple of pretty conservative people, Jeremy and Audrey have talked about their sex lives more than most.

Some time ago, for example, Audrey recommended that a couple make their promises to each other during intercourse.

He also spoke for a long time to be unclean on a wedding night.

“Even though we won the battle of virginity, we lost the battle of purity,” Audrey wrote in her and Jeremy’s first memoir, A Love Letter Life.

During their long-distance dating before the knot was made, Audrey said in this book that she slept one night at Jeremy’s home in Santa Barbara at the time, and they “did more than was agreed,” explaining:

“We drew a strict limit on sex, but we definitely went to the gray area. To make matters worse, I was wearing my swimsuit because you do it in Santa Barbara.

“But this made me feel a lot more acceptable to sneak out of my dress as things started to get worse.”

Audrey concluded part of this memoir by saying that she acknowledged her dirty actions to her “mentor,” who advised her to set more boundaries and “responsibilities” in the future.

However, fans didn’t take this close and fairly personal look at Jeremy nearly as seriously.

“This is hilarious! His horror face and his smug face are sliding on the bed. Who the hell does this imagine ?!” asked one person at Reddit.

“OMG Audrey literally has no brains at all. I’ve never wanted to see Jeremy naked. I have to wash my eyes with soap now.”

Jeremy Roloff: Caught! Naked! On Wife’s Instagram! Source link Jeremy Roloff: Caught! Naked! On Wife’s Instagram!

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