Jeremiah Duggar & Hannah Wissmann: Shock Jim Bob By LAYING IN BED TOGETHER on Instagram!

Again in January, Jeremiah Duggar and Hannah Wissmann were engaged after months of secrecy.

In the weeks since, the couple has enjoyed sharing their happiness with the fans and regularly posted pictures in which their mutual affection is quite evident.

Under normal circumstances, no one would be happier for these two than their families.

But Jeremiah is Duggar, which means this situation is anything but normal.

If you have been following the family for a while, you will no doubt feel infamous Duggar’s social rules.

Unmarried Duggars are allowed to do talk with members of the opposite sex to find a suitable mating partner … but that’s it.

They are not allowed to kiss, hold the hand for a few seconds longer or “cuddle”.

Dating and engagement couples are not even allowed to be two, and all dates are supervised by escorts approved by Jim Bob.

In the past, Duggar’s sons and daughters have kept these rules strict, but it seems that those days are over.

From that moment on Jeremiah and Hanna posted their engagementfans have pointed out that the couple doesn’t seem to be very worried about the Duggari’s ridiculous rules.

In fact, many have noticed that it looks like it Hanna and Jeremiah are not following any rules.

And while this is probably an exaggeration, we cannot blame people for supporting the liberation of the two.

The latest encouragement and wishful thinking comes from Hannah’s Instagram Store, where she and Jeremiah can be seen dancing together and then lying side by side on the bed.

It may sound completely innocent, especially to a couple in their twenties.

But it seriously violates the strict rules of the Duggari, and critics of the family quickly noticed.

In the ever-amusing r / DuggarSnark subreddit, several commentators joked about the unexpected defiance of Hannah and Jeremiah.

“Great. Now he’s down,” one person wrote, by British tabloid Sun.

“I’m only pregnant when I see this,” another added.

“They hug in front! So who knows what other wild scams they’re doing!” the third belonged.

Others pointed out that there is nothing unusual about the couple’s behavior.

“I just watched the video and they look like an average couple,” one redditor pointed out.

“The rules of socializing, like just the side hugs and always the escort, are clearly gone (at least for the boys), another pointed out.

One person pointed out that compliance with the rules may be looser these days because Duggars are no longer reality stars.

“If this were while the cameras were still spinning, he would be six feet away from him,” this commentator wrote.

And many others applauded and congratulated the young couple for not getting into the usual nonsense of Duggar’s chastity.

“Is it a little sad that my first thought was that I was happy for them?” one person asked.

Of course, the answer to this question is “no.”

The younger Duggars didn’t want to be born into this crazy family, and it’s natural to feel joy for them when we see them wander their own paths.

We can only hope now that the younger Duggars will follow in the footsteps of Jeremiah and find their own freedom.

Jeremiah Duggar & Hannah Wissmann: Shock Jim Bob By LAYING IN BED TOGETHER on Instagram! Source link Jeremiah Duggar & Hannah Wissmann: Shock Jim Bob By LAYING IN BED TOGETHER on Instagram!

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