Jenelle Evans Tries on Bikinis While David Eason Poops In the Same Room In Bizarre Video

After years of unemployment Jenelle Evans joined OnlyFans last month.

Apparently there’s nothing wrong or shameful about sex work, but Jenelle talked about the many other celebrities in the garbage dump who decided to supplement their income with OF, so it’s safe to say she’s got into despair.

In fact, as a sure sign that The Land’s financial situation is even worse than we thought, Jenelle’s husband, David Eason has also joined OnlyFans.

The yen charges $ 20 a month, which is more flat than mainstream celebrities like Bella Thorne and Amber Rose ask subscribers.

For now, it seems to work for him.

He has downloaded 66 posts in just a few weeks, although Reddit and Twitter subscribers have complained that the content is no more dangerous than what Evans typically publishes on Instagram.

They say he offers the opportunity to buy more revealing pictures, but apparently they have a hefty price tag.

Compare here Jenelle’s website or her podcast or her makeup series or any other business venture she has launched and abandoned over the years and is a complete success story.

Anyway, Evans will make money in the first few weeks on the site, but only time will tell if this is the company that will allow him to feed the three children for whom he and David are responsible.

(Easons has five children, but they only have custody of three.)

So Jenelle has to keep her subscriber base high – which may explain why she’s posted really weird content on her TikTok page.

In one of her most recent posts, Jenelle makes an “experiment” when she buys swimwear from Target.

There’s nothing weird about it – except that David drops from the second to the same room just a few feet away.

Now Jenelle is working hard to remove the negative comments that appear in all of her posts, but even she couldn’t stay on top of this.

“He’s literally taking sh-t in the toilet,” one astonished commentator remarked.

At Reddit and elsewhere, users have discussed what may have gotten Jenelle back her promise not to join OnlyFans.

“He saw this coming. He’s so averse to getting a real job that he does everything that seems like easy money. And David is just looking for a meal card, so he’ll probably help him with it so he doesn’t have to work. Jokes for him,” one person said. wrote.

“The top creators are just at the top because they sacrifice a lot of time, effort and money not only for their looks but also to do things to get their subscribers involved,” this person continued.

“I have a friend who does it just because he can post in his richer cosplay outfits, and that too takes a lot of time and money.

“Ahh yes, I can imagine Jenelles” twerking “in that red lingerie top she never washes. Don’t forget the huge breaths between every quality content,” another redditor wrote.

“If I were him, I’d write all my fights with David about it. I think we would all join then,” the third joked.

“It’s as if David would let him post lewd stuff and more,” the fourth said.

“I mean, his toys aren’t going to pay for themselves, and let’s keep in mind that he needs to get a job, so I don’t think he cares,” Fifth pointed out.

Only time will tell if Jene will continue to earn from OnlyFans.

But if he continues to use TikTok to advertise riskier content, he may run away from more conventional jobs for a few more years.

Jenelle Evans Tries on Bikinis While David Eason Poops In the Same Room In Bizarre Video Source link Jenelle Evans Tries on Bikinis While David Eason Poops In the Same Room In Bizarre Video

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