Jenelle Evans: MTV Is Trying to Ruin My Life! I Deserve to Be a Star!

Do you know what Genel Evans is doing in a well-laid place?

And do you think she loses sight of her lies or, for some reason, no one can remember what she has ever said?

If you don’t know what we’re talking about, don’t worry. Lay out everything.

And if you know exactly what we’re talking about … well, this is another for a book, so sit back and relax.

OK, yes Genel was fired from teen mom 2 Back in May 2019 Her husband, David Eason, brutally killed her dog..

Since then, it has looked like a “straw that broke the camel’s back” situation. David was fired a little over a year earlier for making homophobic statements...

Since then, they have been filming Genel with the rule of not shooting in the presence of David, and the crew had to pack up and leave as he appeared several times without notice.

There were also some reports that the crew felt it was not very safe to shoot in the swamps of Genel where David was flying around.

Anyway, MTV has decided that the dog murder is where they drew a line and issued a statement announcing that they would no longer shoot with Genel.

That should have been the case, right?

Not so many.

After she was publicly fired, General told her that the network had chosen not to shoot with her during the season so that she could blow everything away and then resume work with her. Insisted.

Obviously it wasn’t.

Later, she began to say that her contract with MTV made it impossible for other TV shows to work with other networks. The contract will be up in April 2020..

She said a lot of this.

“I officially lost my contract with MTV in April,” she told E. News early last year. “That was the only thing I was waiting for.”

“In April, we can start talking to other networks. Thank God!”

Then in April, she said, Full control over your future without limits.. “

So obviously she lost her contract with MTV in April 2020, right?

Not so fast.

I went back and forth in April, but there was no big announcement from her and no new TV gigs.

So once again how she started complaining She wants to do all sorts of jobsBut that nasty MTV deal was still holding her back.

She’s been doing this quite a bit over the past few months and says the deal will go up this spring without whispering what it was like. Last spring.

In a Q & A she did at TikTok this weekend, she described the contract for this new version that is preventing her from becoming a TV star.

When someone asked if they ever wanted to do their reality show, she replied, “Yes, I definitely do. I want to keep sharing my story, but it’s not the time.” It was.

Why Gene?

“I’m still under contract,” she said with a laugh.

“I’m waiting for May 21st, and then I’ll be a free agent, so it’s party time!” She continued.


Last year she made it clear that the deal was signed in April. At that time, she can “advance” and there are no “restrictions” on her career choices.

So how should she make sense of what she’s saying now?

Did she somehow misunderstand her original contract? Has she been unable to work for another year because she renegotiated with MTV?

Or is she just lying about having a deal, so need to admit that she hasn’t found another reality show gig yet?

Probably the last one

Jenelle Evans: MTV Is Trying to Ruin My Life! I Deserve to Be a Star! Source link Jenelle Evans: MTV Is Trying to Ruin My Life! I Deserve to Be a Star!

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