Jenelle Evans Loses Endorsement Deal, Screams at Haters: STOP TRYING TO CANCEL ME!

Jenelle Evans is sick and tired … and she’s not going to sit down and last longer.

The former Teen Mom star released a series of Instagram Story updates this week, almost all of which referred to some sort of support contract he just lost.

In these messages, Evans told him (dozens) of his fans that “he has been very upset” because his haters had “a big deal canceled for me.”

Jenelle went on to say that this stingy deal was worth a ton of hell and would have been a “safety” for her family … including her often violent husband, David Eason; daughter of Ensley and; son of Kaiser, all of whom live with Evans in North Carolina.

Losing potential business opportunities has been a unified theme for Jenelle for several months.

She was fired from MTV in 2019, of course, after child protection authorities took her child away for a few weeks. David Eason shoots and kills family dog.

In 2020 he failed to launch the cosmetics line.

Then about a year ago Evans was released from the podcast (before the episodes were even shown!) which he had advertised endlessly online.

What about this latest venture?

According to Ashley Reality Roundup Jenelle recently lost his contract with the mobile phone case company Casetify, which often collaborates with so-called influencers to create special cases for his fans and followers.

Evans made one video to promote the company about a week ago, but the company has since removed all references to Jenelle on social media and the website.

We can’t confirm the reason for the company’s decision – but it’s safe to assume that many critics have complained, given Jenelle’s history, which has generally been terrible, angry, violent and racist.

Jenelle Evans' cell phone

“This was one of the biggest deals Jenelle had had in a long time,” the source tells The Ashley.

“It was worth a lot of money, and it became consistent money because they had ordered a consistent video stream from Jenelle that would have cost months.

“They canceled everything after Jenelle’s first video made them hate them so much online.

“They even stopped following him on Instagram because they don’t want to deal with him.”

In response to the collapse of this agreement, Evans uploaded a video called “Depressed” to YouTube.

“Sorry, I have sunglasses on my head because I’m crying,” he says at the beginning of the video, sniffing and continuing as follows:

“I try, like, to move forward and focus on the positive in life and not focus on the negative.”

He then mentions a “group of haters” who have staged a “hate campaign” against him.

Jenelle in the glass

Evans cries even harder in this video, lamenting all the money-making opportunities these supposed haters have planned to cancel.

“It was really nice to have that security,” he says of a recent promotional deal and adds later about the company mentioned above:

“I worked with a big brand, and we both agreed on a six-month brand deal, and I worked so hard on the first video and published it. It was job security and security for my family and my income. “

For clarity, The Ashley reports that Evans will paid for this single video.

Evans isn’t fully aware of himself, but believes his name has “been so tainted about being on MTV” instead of blaming his own and / or fanatic in any way.

The mother of three claims that the trolls are now using that annoying dog shooting and CPS hearings against her, running and telling Jenelle about the past to the companies she is trying to cooperate with.

He says these things happened “literally 10 years ago or more.”

(Editor’s note: That was three years ago.)

Jenelle ends the video angrily and said she was angry that she could not use her name “professionally” and accused her former employer (we assume MTV) of exploiting her personal problems.

“They only want to take advantage of me if I’m drug addicted or confused!” Jenelle explains.

He then concludes the video by thanking all the people who do so No run down any company that hires him that didn’t take him very long.

Because there are only three people who fit this description.

Jenelle Evans Loses Endorsement Deal, Screams at Haters: STOP TRYING TO CANCEL ME! Source link Jenelle Evans Loses Endorsement Deal, Screams at Haters: STOP TRYING TO CANCEL ME!

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